2010: The Year in Review

2010 was a hell of a year. Here’s a look at how beauty, fashion, and celebrity trends made a mark on the world in the last 365 days.

Image via Good Morning America/ABC News
The Year of Gaga

Forget the lady of the hour; the lady of the year was Gaga. Her eccentric style and electrifying (and sometimes controversial) performances garnered millions of fans worldwide. She leans toward the extreme (remember the meat dress?), but I prefer her pared-down (for her) and pretty, like she was on Good Morning America.

Balayage Blew Up
Celebs rocked ombre hair that was far from natural, yet totally cool. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel rocked the reversed dual-hued tresses in a beautiful way. Added bonus: less maintenance means fewer trips to the salon and a fatter wallet!

Image via REX/Grazia Daily UK
Katy Perry’s electric dress

Katy was truly electric in 2010. Back in May, she donned a CuteCircuit dress that had LED lights woven beneath the fabric to the Met Costume Institute Gala. That’s one way to make a grand entrance on the red carpet!

We all went Mad
Mad Men became a full-fledged phenomenon this year. It re-ignited our obsession with ’60s-era culture and beauty…and oh, the to-die-for clothes!

There’s more!

Statement jewelry reigned
Chunky, sparkly, big, and bold — however you prefer it, you had plenty of options this year to make an impact. No longer for the style-brave, these pieces worked their way into everyday wear.

Clinton image via Getty Images; Prince William/Kate Middleton image via Mario Testino
High-Profile Weddings and Engagements

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton wed her longtime beau Mark Mezvinsky in a multimillion-dollar ceremon in Rhinebeck, N.Y., and Prince William asked for Kate Middleton’s hand in marriage.

Image via People Magazine
Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery Overload

Former Hills star Heidi Montag went under the knife in November 2009, but kept her new body and face under wraps until January 2010. When it was leaked that she had a staggering 10 procedures performed in 1 day, people were shocked. When she unveiled her new look, the end result was an inflated boobs, a deflated figure, and an aged face that nowhere resembles a 23-year-old woman. (Does anyone find it ironic that she had work done on her face to look younger, but actually ended up looking much older?) She became the poster girl for reasons to love yourself as you are.

Celebs Slimmed Down…
Kelly Osbourne and Jennifer Hudson are just 2 of the starlets who dropped major sizes and pounds this year. They both looked great before, but seem to be even more comfortable and confident in their new skin.

…And Loved Twitter
When was the last time you logged onto Twitter without checking Kim Kardashian’s tweets? In 2010, celebs became their own personal tabloids, divulging information to us as though we were their best friends. And we followed…by the millions.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Great post! You covered it all.

  2. Dara says:

    Such a shame about Heidi…she looked so much better before all the surgery.

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  4. glitterkitty says:

    Love this post!!! 2010 was def the year to slim down and get married, ahem….myself included!

  5. Drew says:

    Love your site! So pretty!

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