A Tale of Three Highlighters

three-highlightersAn influx of highlighters appeared on my doorstep over the last week, so instead of writing about them individually, I figured I would round them up into one post.

IMG_1630The Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick ($42) is a cream highlighter. I received this from Influenster, and I have to say, when I saw this in stores, it wasn’t one of those must-have-immediately items. It just seemed like your standard cream highlighter. But when I uncapped this and smoothed it over my cheekbones, I was shocked by how shimmer-packed and flattering it was. It has both gold and silver shimmer in it, so it’s flattering to nearly every skin tone under the sun. It couldn’t be any easier: just swipe over your cheekbones directly from the stick, or dab on with fingertips or a synthetic brush. You can control the level of highlight by blending and layering. The end effect is gorgeous. This one took me by surprise!

IMG_1616BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Champagne Pop ($41) is the shade on which they collaborated with Jaclyn Hill. I love Champagne Pop Pressed; although it’s a powder, it’s creamy to the touch and packs such a glistening punch. I have literally been waiting a year for the liquid version, and I wish it lived up to the hype, but it falls a bit short. No doubt, this is a beautiful highlighter; the peachy champagne shade is a winner, and the shimmer is gorgeous and makes you look lit-from-within. But I have other shades of this product, and based on their finish, I thought this was going to look like a little more intense when applied. The effect is more subtle, more toned-down. I still love it, it’s just not quite as in-your-face as Champagne Pop Pressed (and sometimes, that’s a good thing). This reflects beautifully on the skin, and can be used on décolleté, legs, arms…anywhere you want a little radiance.

More shimmer and shine after the jump.

IMG_1626The new Haloscope ($22) from Glossier is a cream highlighter stick surrounding a balm core. It’s available in two shades: Quartz and Topaz (I chose Quartz). Each shade contains actual ground-up crystals in it (I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear actual quartz on their face?!). This is great for quick, effortless highlighting. It’s ideal on no-makeup days. It lends a radiant, dewy, almost wet look to skin. It’s very natural, yet still noticable. Very pretty.image

Here are swatches, with flash, of the three highlighters on skin.SwatchesThey’re all slightly different, and it’s all about preference. If you like a really intense highlight, I think the Marc Jacobs one is best for that. If you want something subtle yet still noticeable and glowy, the BECCA one is going to do it. And for a natural dewy, radiant look, the Glossier version nails it.

I used all of these on my natural, untanned skin, and then also after self-tanning. They all look beautiful on both my fair and (fake) tanned skin.

IMG_1627IMG_1629Have you tried any of these highlighters? Which is your favorite?







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