Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow

Anastasia DipbrowWhen Anastasia Beverly Hills announced the release of their new product, Dipbrow ($18), I was immediately interested. It’s a do-it-all colored brow pomade that fills in sparse spots, evens out brows, defines, and sets them in place. Anastasia claims the color is waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-lasting. And she’s right.

This is a really easy way to get enviable brows in just a few seconds. It’s so easy. I like it because I have sparse spots on my brows–a few patches where I overplucked years ago and the hair hasn’t grown in. I like my brows to be uniformly even, so I have been using Anastasia Brow Pen on the bare spots. I apply it directly to the skin to fake the appearance of brow hair. Brow pencil or powder does not work well when directly applied to skin, nor does it show up well, so I first apply the Brow Pen to the bald spots, and then fill in the rest of my brows with pencil. Dipbrow completely streamlines this process and lets me use one product to define my brows.

Keep reading to see what else I think about this product.

anastasia dipbrow pomadeDipbrow is long-lasting, doesn’t smudge (even after rigorous workouts), and provides beautiful, natural color. The one potentially negative thing I noticed about this is that the color is really concentrated, and it goes on very thick and heavy; gently dip a brow brush into the product and use a light hand when applying. I recommend applying Dipbrow first to bare spots. It will apply darkest where you first apply it, so it’s best to do it on bare spots and then work your way through the rest of your brows.

anastasia dipbrowIt comes in several colors to match your brow hair: Blonde (the taupe shade that I use), Auburn (brownish-red), Chocolate (warm medium brown), Dark Brown (cool deep brown), and Ebony (very dark brown).

Anastasia also included a travel size tube of Clear Brow Gel in my package, which I’ve been using as the finishing touch on my brows. The pomade is supposed to keep brows in place, but mine are on the longer side, and I need a little extra help–so I use a gel to set them on top of Dipbrow.

Dipbrow is available now on Anastasia’s website, and will launch where Anastasia products are sold (Nordstrom, Sephora, and other retailers) in January 2014.

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2 Responses to Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow

  1. Leah says:

    Hello lovely!

    I love brow products, but always use my MAC “spiked” brow pencil. I have tried so many others, and I always end up going back to this product. HOWEVER, very interested in this. Would you recommend it for me over the MAC brow pencil or no?

    – Leah

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hi Leah! I can’t recommend anything over MAC’s brow pencils, because they are my all-time favorite brow product. I always go back to them, too! But if you’re in the mood for something different and you want to try this, give it a shot. I definitely like it. I wanted to try something different in an effort to make my routine a little quicker, and this definitely does that.

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