Anastasia Brow Duality

Anastasia Brow DualityIn Sephora a few weeks ago, a sales associate used Anastasia Brow Duality ($23) under my arches. Never in my life would I think of using a pencil on my browbone; for me, pearly shadows give a much softer effect while highlighting and defining brows. I’d always thought of brow enhancing pencils as harsh, giving brows and eyes that “overdone” look.

Not this one.

The dual-ended pencil has a matte tip for daytime brow highlighting (which is more subtle), and a shimmery tip for night-out looks. It not only helped to define my brows, but it brought light to my entire eye area by highlighting the browbone. It gave my eye makeup a finishing touch, and almost seemed to “lift” my entire eye area. All this from a double-tipped pencil!

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camille/sandWhen I tried the matte end of my pencil (I have the Camille/Sand pencil) on the back of my hand, I was skeptical. I was already enamored with the shimmery tip, and I figured I’d never use the matte tip because it looked too pink, too chalky. I gave it a shot anyway before work one morning, and was amazed at how subtle the color went on, and yet how much of a difference it made.

With this pencil, it only takes 10 seconds to transform your eye area. Depending on the look you’re going for (matte or shimmery), trace the pencil under your arch, starting at the inner corner and working your way out, to just past the outer tip/end of your brow. It goes on easy, so it shouldn’t be too harsh, but if you prefer a more muted look, just blend lightly with your fingertips. I think you’ll be surprised at the difference: brows look more defined and groomed, and eyes are subtly illuminated.

shell/laceAvailable in 2 shades to suit your skintone: Camille/Sand (neutral champagne-infused pinks for cool tones) and Shell/Lace (beigey bone and bronze for warm tones).

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5 Responses to Anastasia Brow Duality

  1. Carrie says:

    This pencil really does make a difference! I use it every day.

    • SugarSocial says:

      Carrie, looking at the stick, you wouldn’t think it would be so noticeable, but it really is like a little spotlight on your brows.

  2. Jeanine says:

    I think I finally discovered how models’ brows always look so awesome in magazines…it’s this stick!

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