Ardell False Lashes

faux_lashI admit it: I once was scared by false lashes too.

I never really felt like I needed them, but then I was in a spring wedding this year, and wanted my eyes to pop in photographs. I picked up a pair of faux fringe by Ardell, and in an instant, my beauty world was changed.

What a difference a tiny little strip of hair makes! My eyes popped without looking overdone. They looked bigger, deeper, more alluring. The falsies also translated nicely in wedding photographs.

So here’s the thing – I only trust Ardell when it comes to false eyelashes. The lashes are made from human hair, hand-knotted, and ridiculously inexpensive (around $4/set), despite their high quality.

For the wedding, I wore the Daisy Runaway Lashes (below).

Ardell Runway Lashes - Daisy

Ardell Runway Lashes - Daisy

Since then, I’ve also become partial to the InvisiBand Wispies, which make my eyes look huge.

Ardell InvisiBand Wispies

Ardell InvisiBand Wispies

Ardell also makes a variety of adhesives (clear, dark), and adhesive remover to spare your falsies damage during removal, which means you can use them over and over. And for your real fringe, they offer lash conditioner, and a whole slew of other lash-related products.

Recession Beauty Tip: Remove one lash from the packaging. Cut in two directly down the middle of the lash. Apply half of the lash to outer corner of left eye, and repeat on right eye. You’ll have awesome doe eyes with sexy, long fringe on the outer corners. You get double the lashes in each package! For this trick, I like Fashion Lashes #102. They look a little intimidating in the package, but they’re so natural on eyes.

Fashion Lashes #102

Fashion Lashes #102

Bat away, ladies!

View styles and purchase Ardell lashes here.

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