Bach Rescue Pastilles

bach-rescue-pastillesSometimes, when you’re really stressed out or facing a wave (or worse) of anxiety, you need something to calm you down fast. For a natural solution, Bach Rescue Pastilles ($8) are little gummy-like candies that you chew when you’re feeling overwhelmed with tension, worry, or panic. They’re an all-natural, herbal remedy used to combat the effects of anxiety. Each candy includes a blend of Star of Bethlehem (to counteract mental trauma or shock), impatiens (to combat a fidgety, nervous feeling), rock rose (to soothe panic), cherry plum (to ease anger and nerves), and clematis (for mental clarity). While I haven’t been using them long enough to definitively say they do or do not work, it’s nice to be able to pop something natural in the hopes of calming myself and getting back on track. With most types of anxiety, sometimes the ritual itself can be just enough to help ease your mind.

I keep a tin of these in my desk drawer at work. I like that I can reach for them when I’m facing deadlines and piles of paper clutter my desk.

I am not a doctor and this post is not intended to treat any type of condition…I just wanted to share something that could possibly help ease life’s more stressful moments.

If you want to check out more options, Bach also offers several flavors of Rescue Pastilles,  Rescue Remedy in various other forms, and 38 natural flower remedies to help deal with life’s challenges.

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