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lovebug-probioticsProbiotics are “good” bacteria that naturally occur in your stomach and do a host of beneficial functions for your body, including immune system support, mental development, digestion support, and more. But because of our modern lifestyles and traditional Western medicine, many of us have an overpopulation of bad bacteria in our stomachs. One way to get your stomach balanced is through probiotic supplements, which replenish the supply of good bacteria.

LoveBug Probiotics offered to send me a trial package of some of their products. I received a one-month supply (30 tablets) each of Here’s the Skinny, Yeast is a Beast, and Colds Suck formulas. (They also offer Labor of Love with folic acid for expecting moms, Little Ones for kids, and Tiny Tummies for babies.) All formulas range from about $27-$35.

lovebug-probiotics-2LoveBug probiotics have a patented “BIO-tract” technology that delivers 15 time more live cultures to your stomach than standard probiotic capsules, which mean they’re more effective. The tablets are non-GMO, don’t contain artificial colors or flavors, and are free of gluten, yeast, lactose, sugar, and preservatives.

After the jump, see what I thought after trying these!

I tried Here’s the Skinny (one tablet per day), and noticed a definite difference in my system, almost immediately. (I’m saving the Colds Suck formula for the winter months, and Yeast is a Beast is on hold in case I ever have an issue that requires it.) As someone who has always had stomach issues, Here’s the Skinny was a godsend. I never wanted to take prescription medication for my stomach problems, so I always just dealt with them when flare-ups would come along. These little tablets were truly the answer to my problems! One tablet a day, and I felt lighter, and my stomach was flatter. When I first started taking them, I experienced a lot of abdominal bloat, but that subsided after about a week. My stomach is so sensitive that anything even slightly out of the ordinary can throw it off, so I’m sure this was an adjustment period to the probiotics. Overall, the tablets really helped to debloat in the abdominal area, and it worked like clockwork. I’m trying to skirt around the issue here, but you get what I’m saying, right? These worked!

lovebug-probiotics-3I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to balance out their digestive system in a natural, prescription-less way. I’ve had great success with them, and will continue to purchase these now that my bottle is almost empty.

Get your first month free at They’re also available at Target, Wegmans, Amazon, Meijer, Fairway, and

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