Batiste A Hint of Color Dry Shampoo

Blondes and brunettes, listen up. You need Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo ($8). This powdery concoction has been a saving grace for me on rushed weekday mornings (which are pretty much every morning). I have lots of baby blonde highlights in my naturally dark-blonde hair, and just a few weeks after getting highlights, my roots start to peek out. I typically wash my hair every other day to avoid stripping it of its natural oils (which would make it even drier than it already is from coloring my hair), and also, because who has time to do a blowout every day? The downside of skipping a day is that on day 2, those roots peeking out start to look dark and heavy. Not greasy, but noticeable. A shot of this tinted waterless shampoo does the trick and masks those pesky roots until I lather up again. It doesn’t look fake; it just camouflages roots and makes them blend into where my highlights start.

Although the formula is a matte one, it does seem to make my root area a little shimmery (in a good way). It puts a little bit of shine back into my strands without having to rewash. I spritz some of this on my roots and massage it into my scalp with my fingertips for a few minutes; this helps to disperse the product evenly, and it builds volume. Then I restyle with my blowdryer (sometimes my wavy hair needs some straightening), but if it’s in good shape, that’s it. Done. I imagine this formula would also be great at concealing grey hairs.

The lightly-scented powder shampoo nixes odor, builds volume and texture, and makes your hair more pliable so you can revive your style with the blowdryer if needed. It’s like a can of refreshment for your locks, and it’s saved me from many bad hair days…without wasting time during my hectic morning routine.

The dry shampoo is currently available in 2 shades: Light & Blonde and Dark & Deep Brown. You can find Batiste’s whole range of dry shampoos at Ulta (and if you’re in Philly, at local beauty chain Beans).

Full disclosure: This product was provided to me for consideration by Batiste’s PR firm. Gifted products in no way guarantee a positive review.

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