Beach Beauty Tips

funsunWe are approaching a holiday weekend in America, and July is the month where many people taking their annual summer vacation. Naturally, sun, sand and sea are on my mind.

Although it is one of the most relaxing and fun places to be, the beach can take its toll on your skin, hair and body. After the jump, my essential beauty tips for fun-filled beach days.

1. Protect your skin
Be smart about suncare. Avoid damaging skin by slathering on a sunscreen lotion in SPF15 or higher. Sunscreen is a must at the beach, and reapplying every two hours is necessary. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that shields both UVA and UVB rays. One full-body application should be approximately the size of a shotglass.
If you do happen to get burned, take action immediately. Ease the pain with 2 ibuprofen, and apply a compress (a washcloth will work) soaked in cold skim milk to burned skin. This will help take the sting out of the burn. Aloe-based drugstore remedies like Banana Boat Soothing After-Sun Gel ($5) also help skin heal.sunscreen

2. Shield your hair
Do the same for your hair as you do for your skin. The sun can potentially wreak havoc on your tresses by drying them out (which could lead to breakage and split ends), fading color, and turning blonds brassy. Use a UV protectant spray to prevent hair damage. Some to try are:

3. Use special care when hitting the pool
If you’re going for a dip, prepare. Chlorine can fade color, or worse, turn blonds a nasty shade of green, so be sure to rinse with cold tapwater before entering the pool; this acts as a barrier against chlorine. Follow your swim with a clarifying shampoo like UltraSwim (approx. $5.50) to remove chlorine residue and preserve color.

4. Give your hair a break
Vacation is a great excuse to give up hot styling tools. Let hair air dry and do its own thing. Give your hair the same relaxation you seek on vacation. Check out my tips on scoring flawless wavy beach hair.

5. Make hair removal easy
For the body:

  • Get extra smooth skin with Schick’s new Quattro TrimStyle razor and waterproof bikini trimmer ($12). The razor provides extra comfort with 4 wire-wrapped blades and a conditioning strip, and the trimmer is easy to use. This is stress-free hair removal at its best.
  • Prevent ingrown hairs with TendSkin ($20) or Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads ($38).
  • Be sure to shave at least 24 hours before going in the ocean; saltwater can irritate freshly-shaved skin.
  • Always leave bikini and brow waxing to professionals. Too many things can go wrong when doing it yourself.

For the face:
Take the guesswork out of removing unwanted facial hair with GiGi Hair Removal Strips for the Face ($8). These plastic strips have wax already applied — just press and pull for a fuzz-free face.

drinkup6. Drink plenty of water
Keeping your body hydrated is great for your skin and health, and will help you get through a long day at the beach. Be sure to drink up before you feel thirsty to avoid dehydration. Avoid alcohol while out in the sun

You’re on vacation…have fun!

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    So cute…wish it was still summer!

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