Beauty Essentials: Eyes

I wanted to do a post on my beauty essentials, but I realized the list was far too long. So I broke each category down into its own post. First up: eyes.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul…so I like to make mine as pretty as possible. Here are the products I turn to day and night to make my eyes look their best.

urban decay primer potionPrimer
Before I do anything, I dab on Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($20). This keeps any makeup I apply exactly where I place it. All types of shadows and liners resist smearing, smudging, budging, and running with this underneath. Since I have hooded eyes, my makeup (especially liner) always transfers to my lids. With this, that never happens, even after hours of wear. This is a must-have eye primer.

Mascara is a subject I could go on and on about. I am super picky about mascara, but since I get tired of them pretty fast, I have a roster of go-tos. My all-time favorite is Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill ($30), which is ridiculously amazing! It fans lashes out in a feathery, plush fringe and makes them look impossibly long and thick. YSL ‘Volume Effet Faux Cils’ Mascara ($30) creates a similar effect. Some other, more affordable faves that I wear every day are L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Waterproof Mascara ($9), L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes ($9), and MAC Plush Lash ($16).

essentials eyeshadowMAC eyeshadows ($15) are my go-tos. They’re highly pigmented, apply and blend easily, and last for hours without creasing. I’ve built a custom palette from their individual palette pans, which I highly recommend (it’s easier to transport, and you can have most of your shades with you at all times). I also can’t live without my Urban Decay Naked Palette ($50), which lets me create a ton of looks with 12 basic shades.

brow productsBrows
I useĀ  MAC Eye Brows in Fling ($16) or Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde ($21) to fill in my brows. I have light blonde hair, and I’ve found that their shades define my brows without making them look too dark. If I need a bit more definition, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen in Universal Light ($21). Both pencils are long-wearing and resist fading. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality Camille/Sand ($23) to highlight under the arch, and set brows in place with MAC Brow Set in Clear ($16).

My eyes are not complete without a couple swishes of eyeliner. My all-time favorite is MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack ($15), a long-wearing, smudge-resistant gel liner. If I’m in a hurry, I swipe on NARS ‘Larger Than Life’ Long Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto ($24); the mechanical pencil is self-sharpening (for fast application), long-wearing, and stays put once it sets. And for a dramatic cateye, I swear by Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black ($16), which has a sturdy felt tip and a pen-like applicator to make it easier to apply straight, even lines.

What do you use to get your peepers looking pretty? I’d love some suggestions in the comments.

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