Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Gel Liner

benefit-they're-realHave you seen the #realfineliner hashtags on Instagram & Twitter? They were trending a few days ago. If you’ve missed the buzz, they were talking about Benefit’s new They’re Real! Push-Up Gel Liner ($24). This takes the whole concept of liquid liner and turns it on its head.

This new liner does a couple of things. First, it takes a gel liner and converts it into stick form for super convenient, on-the-go application. Twist the bottom of the pen and the liner fills the custom Accuflex applicator tip. It’s much more portable than a traditional gel pot-and-brush combo. Since the liner is stored in the barrel of the tube until you’re ready to use it, it isn’t exposed to air, so it won’t dry out as fast as a pot.

Second, it lets you get rightupinthere when lining. The flat wide side of the tip gently nudges lashes away so you can get the point into your lashline. The thinner the line & the closer to your lashes it is, the bigger your eyes will look.

benefit-they're-realIf you’ve ever used They’re Real! mascara, you know it can be a bit tricky to remove. To help, Benefit is also launching They’re Real! Remover ($18), which will easily remove all products in the They’re Real! suite. If you’re interested in the mascara but are put off by having to purchase its own remover, this isn’t a necessary purchase; you can always use a waterproof remover with gentle strokes.benefit-real-linerThe liner and remover launch in North America on June 27, 2014.

Images via Benefit

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