Benefit They’re Real! Tinted Primer

theyre-real-primer1Let me start this post by saying that I hate Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara. Tried it twice and it made a mess of my lashes; I would never purchase it again. So when I read all the glowing online reviews of the They’re Real! Tinted Primer ($24), I was baffled — and I had to give it a shot.

I also want to say that I dislike all mascaras with plastic bristle applicators. They just do not work for me; I need a fluffy wand to make my lashes pop. This has a plastic applicator. But if you’ve previously written them off like I have, keep reading!img_6915I was fully expecting to return this mascara after using it once. Imagine how utterly surprised I was when this mascara primer elongated–I mean, strrreeetttttcccchhheddd–my lashes to new lengths. I looked in the mirror and thought, “These are not my lashes.” My lashes are pretty long and relatively full, but because I have hooded eyes, they tend to look shorter than they are, no matter what mascara I use. This primer coated each and every lash, making them look longer, and making my eyes look wider.

The only area where this mascara falls short is in the volume department. I wish this gave my naturally full lashes more volume; it tends to sap the fluff out of them. But because this is so great at opening up my eyes, I am happy to layer a volumizing mascara on top of this for a nice compromise.

You could use this mink brown primer as an everyday mascara if you like a more natural look. I want drama, drama, drama, so I layer a mascara over this for even more definition, length, and volume.

I am so shocked that I actually love this primer. If you’re looking for something that lengthens and defines your lashes, this is a fantastic option.theyre-real-primer4





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