Best Eye Makeup Removers

best-eye-makeup-removersWe often discuss putting on makeup, but rarely talk about taking it off. At the end of a long day, taking your makeup off can be a pain in the butt — but you’ve got to do it if you want your skin to remain in good shape. Here are the ones that making taking the day off a breeze.

maybelline-clean-express-removerMaybelline Clean Express Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($6): This new eye makeup remover, which debuted with Maybelline’s spring 2013 collection, is my new favorite. Shake it up, and just a few dabs on a cotton ball removes every last trace of makeup. Like most waterproof makeup removers, it does feel a little oily when it goes on, but it doesn’t leave behind any residue. I run a clean cotton ball over my lids after I’m done removing all my makeup, and it gets rid of the greasy feeling. They do make a classic version for non-waterproof makeup, too.

bliss-lid-lash-washBliss Lid + Lash Wash Makeup Remover ($18): This remover is the priciest of the bunch, but it packs added skincare benefits. The gel formula has a thicker consistency, so it won’t seep into your eyes and irritate them. It’s formulated with rosewater to soothe skin, and it also cools and depuffs, so you can indulge in a mini-spa treatment while taking off your makeup.

neutrogena-towelettesNeutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes Night Calming($7.50): When you’re super tired and just want to fall into bed, the easiest thing to do is take your makeup remover with you. These Neutrogena towelettes make it easy and less messy to do. Swipe them over your entire face to lift off makeup and let your pores breathe. It’s the lazy (or tired) girl’s way to clean skin. You’ll sleep easy knowing these are at your bedside.

simple-eye-makeup-removerSimple Eye Make-up Remover ($7): A no-frills remover that takes care of business. Simple creates products that are gentle on sensitive skin, as this one is, but it’s tough enough to remove even caked-on makeup.
bwc-removerBeauty Without Cruelty Creamy Eye Make-up Remover Extra Gentle (approx. $9): This natural formula effectively removes all makeup with little effort, and the lotion-like texture comforts and hydrates the delicate skin of the eye area. This product is vegetarian and is made without animal testing or cruelty.

What are your favorite eye makeup removers?

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