Brand To Watch: Hollow & Ridge

hollow-ridgeStressed out? Need an energy boost? Just want to bring your life into balance? Hollow & Ridge aromatics may just soothe your stressed/listless/crazed soul.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big believer in the effects of essential oils. Just a dab dotted on your wrist or tossed into a warm bath can be perfect elixir to get you back on track. Besides the gorgeous beach glass-esque packaging, I’m really into Hollow & Ridge because it’s a line of small-batch oil blends made by hand, with care. Owner Issa Dixon procures organic, natural plants for her blends, and distills the lavender oil in them herself.  Right now, they have three oil blends, each priced at $38: Calm Blend No. 55, Balance Blend No. 505, and Arouse Blend No. 101. You can get a pack of all three blends for $95.

hollow-ridge-calmI’ve got my eye on the Calm blend, which infuses scents from the places which have brought Dixon peace in her life (such a lovely sentiment). It includes oils of lavender, geranium, petitgrain, and rose otto for an intoxicating, relaxing scent that will cure frazzled minds and soothe worn-out souls.

A little bottle that can ease big problems? Sign me up.hollow-ridge3Images via Hollow & Ridge

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