Breakout Buster: NeoCeuticals Acne Regimen Kit

What girl doesn’t get the occasional zit? Most of us have been dealing with pimples since our teenage years. Although there’s miracle product out there that can guarantee you’ll never see a painful red spot pop up again, there is a great kit that can help you see much less of them.  If unsightly whiteheads and deep, painful underground cystic pimples are skin woes you’re all too familiar with, you may want to give NeoCeuticals Acne Regimen Kit ($22) a shot. It’s got 4 mini skincare products to fight acne and get your skin clear and under control.

My favorite is the Acne Spot Treatment Gel, which has been a lifesaver. Dab this genius gel onto a zit before bedtime, and you’ll wake up with the blemish visibly reduced, thanks to salicylic acid. Keep repeating until the pimple disappears entirely, which will be about 50% faster (based on my non-scientific calculations!).

The Antibacterial Facial Cleanser is a close runner-up; infused with salicylic acid, it gets my skin feeling clean without irritating it, and did improve the texture of my complexion over time. If you have problems with T-zone oiliness or shine throughout the day, the Oil Control Gel is great for tossing into your bag. This tube controls shine while sloughing off dead surface cells and renewing your complexion. Also included are 4 packets of Skin Brightening Gel. To be honest, I haven’t yet tried these, but it promises to fight dark spots and discoloration with 5 exfoliating acids.

At $22, this kit is insanely affordable, and a great way to try out a new line of acne-fighters before buying full-size products. Finally, put your painful pimple past behind you!

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5 Responses to Breakout Buster: NeoCeuticals Acne Regimen Kit

  1. Melissa says:

    This looks great, I’m going to order a box. I’ve been looking for a new spot treatment.

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  3. Thank you for the great review! I’m so glad you loved the NeoCeuticals Acne Regimen Kit! All NeoCeuticals products are actually on sale right now on our website (30% off), but only for a limited time.

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