Brows Gone Wow Brow Tint and an Interview with Gail Schneider of Wow Brows

wow-browsThrough Twitter, I learned about Wow Brows, a brow studio with two locations in the Miami area and a new one in Tel Aviv, Israel. Brow pro Gail Schneider owns and operates the studios with her sister, Dari. After talking with Gail, she kindly sent me a sample of Brow Tint Gel ($20) from their in-house line of products, Brows Gone Wow.

brows gone wow tintGail sent this package all the way from Israel, and I have to say, when it arrived, I was skeptical. The tube of tinted brow gel was intended for blondes, but looked way too dark for me. I swiped it on my clean brows, and it was actually a perfect shade match. It gave my brows enough color to define them and enhance their shape, and it certainly didn’t make them look too dark, heavy, or weighed-down. It took zero effort, other than swiping the mascara-like wand over each brow. And there’s something about this gel that makes my brows look really shapely, which I love. Rather than filling in and setting with gel (a process that takes 3-5 minutes), my brows were ready to go in about 5 seconds.

I had to run home from work one weeknight and wash my hair before heading back out. I still had on the brow tint I applied that morning. I quick jumped in the shower, trying not to get my face wet (unsuccessfully), and as I was shampooing, I thought to myself, “my brows are going to be running down my face.” I stepped out of the shower, looked in the mirror, and the tinted gel was still right where I had applied it that morning. It resisted smudging through a shower, and it also stayed put during a super tough class at the gym. So, I will now be carrying this little miracle tube in my purse for quick application and on-the-go touch-ups.

Keep reading for an interview with Gail, including tips on making your brows look fabulous, and who she thinks has the best brows in Hollywood!

Gail is currently in Tel Aviv, Israel, opening the new Wow Brows studio. I chatted with her about the business’s history, its future, and of course, her philosophy on what makes a great pair of brows.

SugarSocial: How long have you been in the brow business?
Gail Schneider:  My sister Dari  and I  opened our first Wow Brows Studios in 2008 in New York City and Miami. A year later, we opened an additional studio in Miami when I relocated there. We are excited to expand internationally, and we recently opened Wow Brows Tel-Aviv in Israel. I run the Tel-Aviv location, while Dari continues to ‘wow’  the two Miami studios.

SS: What is your philosophy on brows?
GS: Never follow the trend. Keep brows classy (full with a moderate arch), making sure that they match your facial features. Eyebrows have an important effect, as they can “make it or break it.” They can give your face an older, harder look, or they can give you a fine, soft, younger look.

SS: What do you think makes a beautiful brow?
GS: A perfect arch has to match your facial bone structure. It’s the frame to your face, creating an instant eyelift…and many of our clients call this “Brow-Tox.” At Wow Brows, we wax, tweeze, trim…and never use stencils, as we believe in individuality. We love the full brows, and recommend that you tint eyebrows for that WOW look.

We also designed our own eyebrow makeup line [Brows Gone Wow]. One of our favorite items is the tinted brow gel, which is waterproof, keeps hair in place all day, and gives a perfect yet natural cover. Brows Gone Wow products are available only in our studios and through our website.

SS: If readers can’t make it into your Wow Brows studios, what can they do at home to create beautiful brows?
GS:   Here are a few simple, yet important suggestions:

  • Find strong, natural lighting and use a magnifying mirror. (Be very careful not to overtweeze…less is more!)
  • Mark the start, peak and end of your brow line with small dots using an eyeliner. Apply an eyebrow shadow on your preferred shape with a slanted brow brush, and tweeze around [the area outside of the shadow].

audrey hepburn liz taylormegan fox kim kardashianSS: Who, in your opinion, have the best brows in Hollywood?
GS: Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor are the original eyebrow icons, with their bold  arch and signature brows. Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian are definitely  today’s ‘it’ girls.

If you’re in southern Florida or Tel Aviv, you should definitely book an appointment at Wow Brows! These ladies live, breathe, and sculpt perfect brows.

Wow Brows locations:
Miami Beach, FL
17070 Collins Ave.

Cooper City, FL
8698 Griffin Rd.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Schtreichman 20 St.
Phone: 0506 409044

Feature image via ModelLove. Image of Brow Tint via Wow Brows. Images of Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor via Image of Megan Fox via Huffington Post. Image of Kim Kardashian via BellaSugar.

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