Budget Beauty: Eylure Brow Ink

eylure-brow-inkI love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen in Light. I use it to define the outer tail of my brows and create the illusion of a fuller, stronger brow. When I was at Ulta last week and saw that Eylure now offers an extended line of brow products in addition to false lashes, I had to try their version of the brow pen, called Brow Ink ($9.99). Eyelure has also rebranded and overall, really stepped up their game! They don’t even look like a drugstore brand anymore!

I picked up the No. 30 Blonde shade, which is the lightest they offer (it also comes in Mid Brown & Dark Brown). The coloring is slightly different from the Anastasia version, but still great for blonde and light brows.

browinkfulltipThe major difference between the Anastasia and Eylure pen is that the Eyelure pen has two ends: one thick, one thin. I use the thick end on a slant to fill in the tail, which needs the most definition. It is a little tricky to maneuver over the arch.

browinkslimtipThe thin end is on point. I actually use this on the sparse spots of my brow and where I want it to look I have more hair, and then go over it with my Anastasia pencil, and it’s still not harsh.

browinkswatchPress gently and this pen does not give you a harsh, drawn-on, marker-y look. The effect is soft and natural, yet bold. In the photo above, I swatched both the thick and slim tips of the pencil; you can see that the color is very natural (and despite the tips’ appearance, it actually is blonde!)

Overall, this is an excellent drugstore pick that I’ve worked into my everyday beauty routine. If you love the Anastasia pen and are looking to save some money (it’s about twice the price), this is a great alternative!

It’s worth mentioning that Eylure now offers a full range of brow products, including mechanical pencils, powder palettes, pencils with attached spoolies, wax and gel, stencils, hair removal strips, and more. This line is definitely worth checking out! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality, given the low price.eyelure-brow-ink2Have you tried any of Eylure’s new brow products? I’d love to hear what you think of them.

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  1. annmarie fraser says:

    Hi just read your comments, on the eylure eyebrow pen, like you I have tried the anatasia, and several others, this product for me, is far the best, and great value for money.

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