BUXOM Mascara Bar

buxom-mascara-bar-mainI am loving the idea behind Buxom’s new Mascara Bar, exclusively at Sephora. You buy a Vanity Lash mascara ($22) and choose one of seven brushes to go with it. How genius is that? The brush options make for a range of different lash looks. All brushes are made to complement Vanity Lash, a universally-flattering volumizing formula in black.

busom-mascara-barHere’s how it works: Head to the Mascara Bar. Grab a tube Vanity Lash Mascara. Select one of seven brushes to pair with the mascara. If you really want to customize your look, you can purchase additional brushes for $11 each. Brush options are:

Lush & Lifted: This dual-sided wand features plastic bristles on one side, regular bristles on the other. Use the brush side first to build volume, then use the plastic side to sweep through, lifting and separating lashes as you go.

Full & Fabulous: A plastic-bristle wand with tiny molded balls on the tips of each bristle. These balls comb through lashes effortlessly and coat each hair with mascara for a full, flirty fringe.

Big & Bushy: This classic-style mascara wand features a thick brush with a tapered tip to max out the volume of your lashes.

Curl & Contour: This curved brush features a skinny wand that hugs the lashes and piles on more mascara at the outer corners. Think of a cateye effect without the drama of eyeliner.

Thick & Defined: Another plastic-bristle wand, this features thin bristles that give a more natural look.

Strong & Long: Take lashes to new heights with this skinny brush made for optimum length.

Itty Bitty: A tiny brush to get even the tiniest lashes. Perfect for bottom lashes.

Whatever lash look you’re going for, you can get it at the Buxom Mascara Bar. Have you tried it out at Sephora yet? If so, hit up the comments to let me know how you liked it!

Images via Sephora

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