Champagne Pop!

champagnepopBecca Cosmetics teamed up with YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill to create a new shade of their iconic (and amazing) Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed highlighting powder. Champagne Pop ($38, LE) is a gold, peachy, universally flattering shade that looks good and shows up on a wide range of skin tones. In short, it’s amazing.

Let me preface this whole post by saying I don’t generally go for powder highlighters. On fair skin like mine, the lighter shades don’t show up, and the darker ones look muddy or off. Plus, they can get cakey or break up on different skin textures. I almost always personally opt for a cream or liquid illuminator, but Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector is the exception. The shade Moonstone is my go-to highlighter. I switch it out with Becca’s cream Shimmering Skin Perfector (which I do think shows up better on my fair skin). These two are my holy grail highlighters.

I was pretty excited when I heard that Jaclyn Hill had created a new shade of this iconic highlighter that was designed to pop on a wide range of skin colors (even though I’m not really into major brands collaborating with YouTubers, but whatever). When I swept this on my cheekbones, I literally squealed with delight when I looked in the mirror. This is such a noticeable highlight! If you prefer a subtle glow, don’t consider purchasing this; it is NOT for you. This is a very prominent shimmer that stays noticeably luminous while “melting” into the skin.  It looks perfectly glowy and summery paired with bronzed skin. I can’t describe how absolutely gorgeous it is when it glistens on the skin.

champagnepopswatchThe photo above doesn’t even really capture how dramatic this highlighter is. Trust me when I say it is intense in the best way possible!

This highlighter is pricey, as are all of Becca’s highlighters. In my opinion, it is totally worth the money. It is hands down the best highlighter I’ve tried on my fair skin. This product is a homerun. Although it is similar to Becca’s Opal shade; if you already have that, you really don’t need this (although Champagne Pop does “pop” more on the skin).

This is a limited edition shade, and because of the frenzy that it has incited, it’s selling out quickly. It’s a Sephora exclusive, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on one, call your local store to see if it’s in stock. It is currently available online.

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