ColourPop Super Shock Shadows Review & Swatches

colourpopI recently placed three orders with ColourPop because everyone is freaking out over their Super Shock Shadows. The little pots of eyeshadow are only $5 each. So I thought, how good can they possibly be?

Turns out, they are AWESOME! I cannot even believe that these eyeshadows are cheaper than typical drugstore items.

The texture is unlike any eye makeup I’ve used before. It feels like a cream, not a powder, and the surface is slightly bouncy. They are made to tap onto the lids with your fingertips or a flat synthetic brush. When I run my finger over the product, it makes a little indentation and you can see the product actually moving around in the pan.

The formula is high quality; much better than I expected from something so inexpensive. In addition to the heavy pigmentation, the shades are buildable and don’t lose their integrity if you layer them on the lid for a more intense look. They blend out nicely with a fluffy brush. I did notice a slight variation in pigmentation between shades; for example, I had trouble building up Mixed Tape to the same degree of intensity that I could get with Fairfax in one to two layers. For the shades that contain glitter, I did experience some fallout during application, but once the shadows were on my eyes, there was almost no fallout (a few shades did have very, very minimal fallout during wear…but I mean literally just a few flecks of glitter).

I wanted to swatch all of the shades I bought so you can see the differences in the finishes and the richness of the pigmentation. Please excuse the flash glare in some of the photos; the reason this post is so late is because the photos were giving me so much trouble. After three mini photoshoots, I had to just go with what the images I was able to capture.

CPpots13 (metallic with glitter): This color is so hard to describe! The duochrome finish makes it look different in every light — literally, every time you blink, a different tone comes through. It starts out as a cool bronze, and tends to look more plummy/purpley/grey in different lighting.
I Heart This (metallic with glitter): cool silvery taupe with a slight bit of gold in certain lighting
So Quiche (metallic with glitter): soft olive with a pink/violet duochrome finish
Mixed Tape (pearlized): cool grey-purple

CPpots2Envy (metallic with glitter): deep, dark plum
Hammered (metallic with glitter): smoky olive
Cricket (metallic with glitter): smoky plum
Fairfax (matte): rich blackened brown; a great base for smoky eyes.

CPpots3Party Time (matte): deep midtone cool purple
Plaid (matte): dark blackened olive with a slightly metallic/glittery finish. This is listed as a matte, but it is infused with a subtle sparkle that does come through on the eye.

foreverfreshmenswatchesForever Freshman Collection ($30 for 6 shadows)

kooshKoosh (ultra metallic): Starting with this icy silver taupe because it is my absolute favorite. I’m so sad it’s limited edition and only sold in this set of six, cause I would totally stock up on this like nobody’s business. (I even contacted ColourPop to see if the color would ever be sold separately; sadly, no.) The ultra metallic finish looks SO foiled on lids, without the flash or potential fallout of glitter. It literally looks like melted metal. SO GOOD!! I pop it right on the center of the lid to take a smoky eye to a whole other level. It is BEAUTIFUL.
(satin luxe): grayed out midtone taupe
(matte): rust
Baby T (matte): rich navy
As If (matte): muted medium brown
Crimper (metallic with glitter): soft gold

foreverfreshmenOne final note: you can’t depot these shadows, as the formula is made to be sealed tightly in their little pots. The airtight seal is what maintains the texture. And in terms of packaging their shipments, ColourPop kills it. The shadows are fragile due to their texture, and they wrap these up in cushy padding in the mailer, and then mark the exterior of the box as incredibly fragile. All of my shadows arrived from L.A. intact, thanks to the thoughtful packaging.

If you have a chance to grab any of these, they are definitely worth the price. I love these shadows and have been wearing them nearly every day. I can’t get enough!

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