DIY Hair Mask for Damaged Locks

cocohoneymaskWhen the temperatures drop and the indoor heat kicks on, your hair may start to freak out. Good news: you can repair it naturally at home. Whip up this homemade mask and your tresses will be well on their way to better health.

1 tablespoon organic coconut oil
1 tablespoon honey (you can use raw organic if you want to make the entire mask organic)

At room temperature, coconut oil is solid, so warm it in the microwave until it’s softened (about 15-20 seconds). Then add the honey and mix together until ingredients are incorporated. It will look like this:cocomask3

Apply the mask to wet hair, concentrating on the ends, where most damage occurs. (If there are still some solid bits of coconut oil in the mask, just work them into your hair.) Wrap your hair up in a bun and place a shower cap over it. Let the mask sit for 30 minutes, then wash rinse in the shower and follow with your normal shampoo and conditioner. When you blowdry, you’ll see instant shine. Apply the mask once a week and your hair will be softer, shinier, and look healthier over time.

One thing to note: coconut oil can make tubs and floors very slippery! It will drip, even with a showercap on, so be careful. I also noticed that if you take a bath while the mask is absorbing, some of the oil will make its way into the tub, giving your skin a hydrating treat.

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39 Responses to DIY Hair Mask for Damaged Locks

  1. karuna raman says:

    This masy looks awesome.I am going to try it this weekend. Thank you

  2. Vonnie says:

    I did this mask today and it really works. My cousin told me about it !

  3. Grace says:

    Is it okay if I use this on my new post for my blog! I will credit you within the post next to the recipe!

  4. JANIE JONES says:


  5. Kayla says:

    I’m going to try this tonight. Hope it works my hair needs it.

  6. Patricia says:

    Hi there! so good to find this recipe as I love coconut oil and have been taking it and using it for various health reasons for yrs now. plz let me know if my hair is to be wet when i apply it and leave it on for 30 min, won’t it leave my hair gunky? I just rinse it with water and then shampoo and condition? with what shampoo and conditioner? the shampoo and conditioner recipe that i saw next to this recipe as another health beauty item with cocnut oil to make looked very good, too! It used only coco oil, castille soap. water, baking soda, and essential oil(if desired). The conditioner was a spray made with 1 Tb of apple cider vinegr with water. I s this a good shampoo& conditioner to finish with?

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hi Patricia, your hair should be damp to wet when you apply this mask. Any type of shampoo and conditioner will work following this product. You rinse the mask out before shampooing/conditioning. Thanks for reading!

  7. Avery says:

    Will the coconut oil clog the drain

    • Destinee says:

      I use coconut oil in the shower all the time for my hair and shaving, it has yet to clog my drain. But if you want to be on the safe side, run hot water from the faucet for 30 seconds, that should ensure no clogging.

  8. Jazmine says:

    I just started doing this myself. I made the mistake of buying coconut oil conditioner I bought from the store that contained petroleum. Uuugh it was so nasty to wash out, even after three tries. I bought some extra virgin organic coconut oil and it was perfect. I applied it dry the first time. Next time I do it I will attempt it with damp hair, but it can be done with dry. I have thick course hair by the way. But really any way you use organic coconut in your hair, you’re not going to regret it! Rinse it with warm water, leave your shampoo for a few minutes, the you can choose to condition your ends or skip it. I did condition them and it did not turn out greasy or anything.

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hey Jazmine,
      Glad the treatment worked for you!

      A quick tip for others reading this post: I usually choose to skip conditioner on my ends, but that’s up to you, based on your hair type. I would recommend forgoing it if you have fine or limp hair because it the extra conditioner can weigh down your hair. But if you have thick or coarse hair, condition away! It shouldn’t weigh down your locks and will make them extra soft.

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  11. Amanda says:

    Will it hurt to leave it in over night? I know I’ve seen some other masks where that was okay but thought I’d ask if I could do that with this mask..

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hi Amanda, it won’t hurt, but coconut oil is heavy and leaving it on overnight will weigh hair down and, in most cases, make it look greasy. I don’t recommend it, especially if you have fine or limp hair. For a more intense treatment, feel free to leave it on longer…a half hour to an hour on your hair will give you a pretty intense treatment.

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  13. jen says:

    I tried it last night. It is amazing. My hair looks much healthier and moisturized. Thanks.

  14. domingas says:

    Hi sugarsocial my name is domingas and i have a really short pixie haircut and want to grow my hair back to shoulder length bob haircut, i have black fine straight hair no curls at all, what would you recommend for a fast healthy growth

    • domingas says:

      What would be good for my hair

      • sugarsocial says:

        I’ve had success with biotin supplements. It’s a B-vitamin that helps speed up hair and nail growth. Check with your physician any time you start taking something new, even if it’s just an over-the-counter supplement.

  15. Nikki says:

    I, love that the products I see pictured are from Aldi and Trader Joe’s (fantastic stores). My only suggestion would be that any honey that you use, be harvested from bees that are within a 50 mile radius of where you live. Berryhill honey is out of Canada and/or Argentina. Using local honey not only help build your immunity from the inside, but topically, as well. I always like the fact that I’m putting money back into my local economy, as well.
    Wishing Health & Wealth to all!
    Nikki from Ft. Worth & I LOVE my Burleson, TX honey!

  16. Lori says:

    Very impressed with results! Thank you! Wondering if I could make enough for multiple treatments and store contents in a jar. Any advice?

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hi Lori,
      I think it’s best to make a fresh small batch for every treatment. I’m not sure how the coconut oil is going to solidify with honey mixed in. Plus, every time you dip your fingers in to scoop out some product for a treatment, you’re introducing bacteria from your hands into the mask. I’d say whip up a fresh batch every time you want to apply it.

  17. Stephany says:

    What if I added some apple cider vinegar to this??

  18. Kerry says:

    Hi I have alopecia and its growing back but slowly over the yrs I wear wigs ,I’m having laser treatment for this so do you think it be ok to try this …Kerry

  19. Pip says:

    i been using just coconut oil with out honey . Need to get honey want to put pictures up to prove this works . It has with the coconut so excited to try with honey

  20. Tianna says:

    Can I use coconut oil bought from the hair store that is already melted or does it have to be organic

  21. Jasmine says:

    Hey ! I have really coarse black women hair and when I want to straigten my hair, no matter what product I use, my hair still frizzes up ! Would this help control my frizz ?! If not does anyone know and remedies that will?! Anything that will leave my hair silky,straight and frizz free !?

  22. PatriciaA says:

    Thank you for this treatment of coconut oil and honey. A couple of weeks ago, we tried this treatment and we like the results. My daughter (and mine) could feel the silky feelings to our hair. My hair is thinning and grey. My daughter’s hair is long. We are African Americans and the treatment does wonders.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  23. Deanna says:

    Does your hair need to be washed or damp before applying?

  24. Laura says:

    I had her black hair and now I’m blonde all in one day.
    The product we used was organic but my hair feels like straw. I’m doing this treatment as I am writing this. I really hope it works. My hair is shoulder length and if it doesn’t I may have a pixie tomorrow. Wish me luck

  25. Stephanie Sanders says:

    I’m having a home spa day today and thought I’d give this a try. OMG I love it! My hair feels so soft and healthy. Thank you for sharing!

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