End-of-Summer Beauty Tips

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is winding down. The days are gradually getting shorter, the back-to-school commercials have flooded the TVs, and the nights are getting a little cooler. I think it’s really important to adjust your beauty routine to the seasons. Our skin, hair, and nails have different needs based on the temperature and weather, so it makes sense to make changes in the products we use. Although our minds are collectively set on fall, we’ve got another month or so to keep up our summer routines! Here’s a quick primer on how to look your best at summer’s end.

sunscreens1. Don’t Skimp on Sun Protection
The days being a little shorter and (possibly) cooler doesn’t mean it’s ok to skip the sunscreen. Sun protection is important year-round, and you should continue to use it daily. For the face, I like Dermalogica Extra Rich FaceBlock SPF 30 ($48) and Coola Suncare Classic Face Sunscreen SPF 30 {Unscented} ($32). For your bod, I like Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen Cream in Lavender ($16) because it’s natural and a little unexpected due to the lavender scent. Oh, and if you see a pair of oversized sunglasses at one of the end-of-summer sales, grab them — they’ll shield your delicate eye-area skin year-round.

exfoliants2. Exfoliate
Although we’ve had a pretty mild summer here on the East Coast, heat, humidity, and sweat can still build up and create dull, dry skin. Use an exfoliating mask at least onceĀ  a week to whisk away dead skin cells and reveal glowy skin. My top two picks: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($55) and Tarte Double Detox Amazonian Clay Exfoliating Facial Mask ($38). They’re both free of toxic ingredients and make your skin look refreshed and glowy.

moisturize3. Moisturize
The effects of sun exposure, chlorine, saltwater, and sand can all be very drying to your body. Replenish your natural moisture with a hydrating lotion. (You’ll want to switch to something a little thicker, at least for your body, in the coming autumn months.) For face, I like bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream ($55). It’s a gel-cream hybrid that leaves you glowy with oxygen and vitamin C. For your body, try Antica Farmacista Prosecco Body Moisturizer ($25). It’s an indulgent cream modeled after my favorite drink.

aquage-hair4. Take Care of Your Hair
Saltwater and chlorine can do a number on tresses, especially if your hair is colored. Before taking a dip, coat your hair in conditioner. After swimming, rinse it out with cool water. Also, regularly using a strengthening shampoo-and-conditioner combo that provides maximum hydration can help to soften and smooth dry, brittle locks. To counteract the effects of a summer spent in the sun, try Aquage Sea Extend Strengthening Shampoo ($28) and Aquage Sea Extend Strengthening Conditioner ($28) for healthier, shinier hair.

neutrogena-acne-scrub5. Banish Backne
Being active is awesome, but summer activities can make you sweat–especially on your back. Summer is prime time for backne. If you’ve got it, get rid of it with a salicylic acid scrub. Can’t reach your back? Use a long-handled sponge to apply. Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Daily Scrub ($7) will do the trick.

What are your tips for staying gorgeous in the summer? Share below!

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