Esqido’s New Gel Eyeliners

esqido-gel-eyelinerEsqido sent me a pair of their luxurious false lashes awhile back, and I was so impressed with everything, from the quality of the lashes to the sleek packaging. I was thrilled when they offered to send me their newly-launched Gel Eyeliner Pencil ($16).

esqido-gel-liner-pencilI have a long history with pencil eyeliner. I rarely use it anymore because I can’t find a formula that doesn’t smudge, smear, run, and fade within hours. There is no makeup blunder I hate more than raccoon eyes. Ages ago, I used to use MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil ($18), and although I liked it for quite awhile, it didn’t give me the color payoff or longevity I wanted. So I gave up on pencils and have used only gel and liquid liners for years. There are days when I miss the convenience and quickness of a pencil, so my quest for the perfect pencil liner has been continuing for years.

I think I may have found the holy grail with the new Esquido Gel Eyeliner. Available in black and brown, these liners are super creamy, with the consistency of a gel liner and the convenience of a pencil. The formula is soft and so smooth. I don’t have to press hard on the lid to get full, even coverage, and it’s easily blendable if I want to smoke it out (which I have done, and it looks awesome). Both shades are super pigmented, so I only need a little to create a dramatic effect (which I’m totally into, as I like my liner to be noticeable). I appreciate that it’s equally easy to create thick and thin lines with this pencil.esqido-liner-3I wear eye primer every day, so I test all products with eye primer to see how they hold up. Because the formula is waterproof, it really doesn’t smudge; it takes a minute or two to set, but after that, it stays put. I can get through a full day without raccoon eyes. I also wear contact lenses and sometimes during the day, my other liners transfer to my lenses (through blinking, rubbing my eyes, applying makeup, etc.) in certain spots. This is super irritating and usually forces me to remove my contacts midday to clean them before reinserting. I haven’t yet had this rub off on my contacts. It removes effortlessly with a makeup remover wipe — no tugging necessary. esqido-eyelinerThe packaging is totally on brand with the Esqido aesthetic: clean lines in white with rose gold accents. It is undeniably a beautiful piece of makeup. The pencil is automatic, and there is a sharpener tucked in the base of the pencil body. Although I adore the packaging, dark liner and white don’t make the best combination; this pencil gets very dirty very quickly. Knocking around in your makeup bag, it’s not going to stay pristine for very long.esqido-linerIf you’ve been looking for your perfect eye pencil, I can’t say enough good things about Esqido’s new gel liners. They are definitely worth a try! For a limited time, Esqido is offering introductory pricing on these pencils, and you can grab them for $12 each instead of the usual $16. You would be hard-pressed to find even a good drugstore liner at that price!

The products featured in this post were provided by the brand for consideration. Complimentary products do not in any way guarantee a positive review, or any coverage on this website. If I genuinely like a product, I will write about it; if I don’t, I will not. All opinions are my own.

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