Fall 2012 Trend: Power Brows

The power brow is having a moment. Full, lush brows were spotted on fall runways everywhere, from New York to Milan. Unlike most runway looks, this enduring trend is something that looks good on virtually everyone. A heavier brow frames your face and balances out your features when shaped according to your facial features.

So how do you get these larger-than-life brows? If you’re genetically blessed like the model pictured here at the Alberta Ferretti show and you have naturally thick brows, all you need is something to keep the hairs in place. I swear by MAC Brow Set in Clear ($16), a gel that gives brows a little shine and really holds their shape. Another great pick is MAC Brow Finisher ($15), a clear wax stick that goes on matte for a really natural effect (you don’t get any of the glossiness of brow gel with this product).

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MAC Eye Brows in Fling

If your brows are on the sparse side, are uneven, or have holes in them, a pencil or brow powder is a natural-looking way to fill in and define them. For a pencil, I love MAC Eye Brows ($15), especially for blondes; Fling is one of the most natural blonde shades I’ve come across. If you prefer a powder, I like Billion Dollar Brows Brow Powder ($16); the shades are great and the powder stays right where you apply it.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel

Getting the color right is super important. If you go too dark, your brows will look harsh and, honestly, horrible. Too light and you won’t have the definition that a thicker brow gives. If you still can’t perfect the color with the products mentioned above, try Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel ($21). It comes in five shades that are great for tweaking color, whether you want to make your brows a shade or two lighter or take them down to a darker hue. If you want a no-fuss brow, this is a great choice. It will tint your brows slightly, giving them a boost of color for definition, and it’ll lock your brows in place.

If you want something that’s less harsh than a pencil and easier to apply than a mascara, try a brow marker. They’re not scary, I promise! I thought they would give me brows that looked like I scrawled them on with a Sharpie, but they actually gave me a really natural finish. They also stay on all day without fading or running, even under the most extreme conditions (like an hour-long intense class at the gym on a 95-degree day). My picks: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color ($21; available in Light and Medium) and Anastasia Brow Pen ($21; available in Universal Light and Universal Deep).

Have fun crafting your power brow!

Feature image via Everything Bobbi; originally appeared in the March issue of Grazia Daily magazine. More info here. Product images: MAC via Amazon; Anastasia via Sephora.

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