Farmaesthetics Powdered Silk Dry Shampoo

farmaesthetics-powdered-silk copyIn summer, there’s nothing more I hate than standing beneath a hairdryer that’s blowing hot hair on my head and trying to straighten hair that will just get wavy in the humidity anyway. I skip some washes and try to extend the life of my blowdrys to cut down on the agony. My saving grace has been Farmaesthetics Powdered Silk Dry Shampoo ($30).

It’s no secret I love everything I’ve tried from Farmaesthetics, and this product is no exception. The natural dry shampoo powder soaks up oil, gives roots a little lift, and refreshes hair to extend time between washes. It’s made from finely-milled organic lavender buds, silk powder, and cornstarch, so it gives hair a light, natural (not cloying) scent. It works great on all hair types, and will be especially nice on those with hair that tends to get greasy or oily after a day.

In addition to my morning routine,  I like to keep this on hand for when I need a little midday refresher. When the summer sun and heat makes me sweat, dabbing a little bit of this on the nape of my neck and hairline helps absorb sweat and keeps my hair from looking limp and lifeless.

powdered-silkFor everyday use, I find that shaking it directly onto my scalp can be a bit too much of a matte finish for my liking. I dust a shake into the palm of my hand, then use a clean makeup brush to sweep it along my roots. I then gently massage it in to make it disappear into my locks, and voila! This won’t give you the look of freshly-washed hair, but no dry shampoo does (and let’s be honest, second-day hair is so much better anyway).

Don’t let the price deter you. Although $30 is a little steep for a dry shampoo, you only need a shake (or two, at most), so the bottle will last you forever (but you should heed its two-year shelf life).

As with all Farmaesthetics products, this is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and not tested on animals.

This product was provided by the manufacturer for consideration. Gifted products in no way guarantee coverage of a positive review.

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