Foreo IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

foreo-irisThere are very few good things about aging. Now that I’m in my 30s, I need a little more help with looking half decent, especially in the mornings. I battle puffiness around the eye area on a daily basis, and have also noticed a slight bit of sag in the area (ugh!). I’m a big fan of de-puffing eye creams, but was wanting something with a little more of an effect. When I was offered the chance to review FOREO’s IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager ($139), which claims to visibly improve the eye area, I jumped at it.

IMG_0522The device is a peculiar-looking thing. It’s made of FOREO’s signature soft-touch silicone, which I love (my Luna Mini is made of the same material, and it’s so gentle and soft on my skin). It basically looks like a small handle with a loop on the end. The loop is just big enough to fit into your eye socket, and was designed for the contour of your eye. Turn IRIS on, and as it vibrates, gently hold it against your eye area, and, using light pressing motions, move it around the entire eye. (You don’t want to drag it, as that’s not good for your skin.) Like the Luna, the IRIS has a built-in timer that pauses to let you know when to switch to the other eye, and when your treatment is complete.

Also like the Luna, IRIS boasts T-sonic vibrations in two modes: Pure and Spa. Pure Mode resembles the effect that you’d get if you massaged your eye area with your fingertips: a refreshed look. Spa Mode incorporates tapping and pulsating motions, and produces more visible results. I personally like this mode better, but I switch between the two based on my mood.

IMG_0521Back when I reviewed my Luna Mini, I told you I hadn’t once had to charge it. I still have not yet had to charge it once! And I’ve been using it every day for nearly 6 months! I’ve had the IRIS for about a month and haven’t charged it–and based on the Luna, I don’t anticipate having to do so for a long time. The battery life on FOREO products is insane. I’ve never used any type of product with such a long battery life. I give FOREO major props for that. I don’t know how they do it, but I love it.

I use this before bed. I tap my eye cream onto the eye area and then use this to blend it in and massage. When I use this, I wake up a less puffy, and my bags are much less pronounced. I look more awake and like I have way more energy than I actually do. My skin looks healthier. This device has made more of an impact on my skincare routine than any other tool or product I’ve used; it’s a game-changer for me. It literally flushes out fluid that causes puffiness, and I’ve noticed a slight decrease in very fine lines around my eyes. In just a month’s time, I think that’s great progress.

This tool has a permanent home on my vanity. I absolutely love it.

The product in this post was compliments of FOREO. All opinions are my own.

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