Get Gleaming Tresses with Oribe 24k Gold Pomade

Ever dream of hair that shines like gold? You can have it with Oribe 24k Gold Pomade ($49).

Famed Oribe, former hairstylist of the ever-glamorous J.Lo, created this waxy-creamy formula that imparts glamorous shine and golden highlights to hair. Use it sparingly all over for light hold (works well on clean, damp hair for this), on ends to achieve textured pieceyness, or go all out and slick hair back like a ’90s supermodel. You’ll be gleaming and glittering–in a classy way–in no time. It’s like a golden-bronze sexy tan for your hair. Works on all hair shades.

One caveat: this stuff stains, so wash thoroughly (rinsing twice may be necessary), and undress carefully.

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2 Responses to Get Gleaming Tresses with Oribe 24k Gold Pomade

  1. Rebecca says:

    If this wasn’t so expensive, I’d definitely get it. I bet it looks amazing on blondes.

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