Glossier Phase 2 Set

glossier-phase-2When Glossier announced that Phase 2, their makeup-based collection of essentials that was a follow-up to the Phase 1 skincare collection, would be released last Monday, the Internet collectively kind of freaked out. I’m new to the brand, but was excited to try what they deemed were essential products for every woman’s makeup bag.

IMG_9469In the collection, there are 3 products: Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow (a tinted brow pomade), and Generation G (sheer matte lipcolor). You can customize your color preferences for each product. Stretch is available in Light, Medium, Dark, Deep, and Rich. Boy Brow comes in Blond, Brown, and Black. Generation G comes in Cake (warm peachy nude), Like (sheer berry pink), Crush (vibrant berry red), and Jam (deep berry).

IMG_9475Boy Brow is, by far, my favorite product in this collection. This product was released last October, and sold out super fast; Glossier said that as of last weekend, when it was restocked, the waiting list had 10,000 people on it. And now I totally get why. This product transformed the way I do my brows. I was really into a bold statement brow; and while I do still like that on occasion, I wanted to lighten up my brows a bit by only filling in the sparsest areas with pencil. That’s where Boy Brow comes in. It’s a tinted brow pomade that gives you a wash of color to make your brows look uniform and defined, and it’s made with wax so it holds them in place. The teeny tiny wand gets into the arches and curves of the brow, so you don’t end up with makeup everywhere. This makes your brows look polished in 10 seconds. The blond shade is a true taupe that’s very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills taupe shade.

IMG_9470IMG_9471Stretch Concealer is a beautiful concealer that really does look and feel natural on my skin. The concealer is made with “elastic micro waxes” so it flexes as your skin moves, and doesn’t settle into fine lines or cake up. It actually has a light, dewy finish; since I got the right shade for my skin tone, it actually looks like nothing when I dab it on, which is surprisingly refreshing (it’s awesome to not see a super strong concealer highlight!). It’s on the sheerer side, so I noticed I have to build it up a bit more on blemishes than I do under my eyes. It does wear off a bit faster than other concealers, because it’s so light, but like I said, dab more on and you’re good to go. I like that it actually looks like skin, as opposed to makeup covering flaws.

IMG_9474Generation G is actually my least favorite product in the lineup. The sheer matte lipcolor kind of tugs when I try to apply it, and feels dry on my lips. The shade I chose, Like, is described as a light pink, and on some skin tones, it very well may be. But on me, it comes out a midtone berry color…nice, but not what I’m comfortable wearing on my lips. I prefer lighter pinks and nudes. I thought this would be lighter, but this is just not the shade for me. Plus, the white plastic packaging looks cheap to me. I would not repurchase this.

IMG_9476Above is a photo of all three products swatched on my skin. I swiped on a thick layer of concealer, which is why it looks light here. Also, you can see how Like is really a light berry shade on me, and not a pink. The swatch nicely shows the warm blonde tones in Boy Brow.

Glossier’s philosophy is one of natural, casual, minimal makeup. While I do subscribe to this philosophy sometimes (on weekends), I prefer a little more of a polished look most of the time. You can certainly wear these products on their own, but I have worked them into my beauty routine in a way that vibes with my preferred look. (For example, I use a tinted moisturizer with Stretch, as opposed to just “evening things out” with it, as Glossier recommends.) IMG_9472Have you tried any Glossier products? If so, what did you think?

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