Guest Post: The Best Beauty Apps for Your Smartphone

best-beauty-appsToday’s guest post was written by Gwen Lewis, a makeup artist based in Southern California.

When you’re not at the salon or in front of your mirror, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay super stylish! Finding great beauty and style apps for your smartphone gives you the chance to be fashionable on the move, wherever you are. Here are some of the best ones to help you achieve a flawless look.

Misfit Shine
Part of being beautiful is maintaining your health. The Misfit Shine app makes you monitor your eating habits, sleep cycle and daily activities so that you can begin to feel and look more gorgeous in a snap. Get the app on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Android phones.

Everyone has some or other skin issue, but sometimes these are not noticeable to the naked eye. Or, you know you’re saddled with wrinkles or redness but you don’t know how to tackle it. With the SkinBetter app, all you do is take a picture of your skin and then the app’s skin analysis tool will tell you what your skin problem is as well as what products you should use to get rid of it. It’s free and available on iPhone and Android.

Hair Color by Modiface
If you’re tempted to try a different hair color, you don’t have to risk it at the hair salon. You can try out fabulous hair shades right on your phone before booking a hair appointment. The iPhone and Android Modiface app lets you upload an image of yourself and then allows you to choose different hair colors (there are up to 30 options at your disposal) to test them out. It doesn’t place a hairstyle onto your photo like other apps, but instead changes the color of the hair in the photo that you’ve uploaded, making the results more realistic.

If you ever feel you have nothing to wear or you don’t know what items in your wardrobe match, you need this app! Stylebook for iPhone and iPad allows you take pictures of your clothing and accessories then create different outfits with them. You can also monitor what you’ve already worn by noting it on the app’s calendar so you don’t have to worry about repeating looks. It even helps you with future fashion purchases. If you’re looking for an item, such as a pair of new shoes or trousers, you can search for the style and color you want and then test the images with your uploaded closet. No more buyer’s remorse!

OPI Nail Studio
Not sure what nail color to buy or what color to get during your next manicure? Even if you’re just wasting a bit of time between work meetings, this is a fun app to try! All you have to do is change the skintone and nail length of the hand in the app so that it is closer to yours, then play around with different colors to see what looks good. It’s free and available for iPhone and iPad.

Even if you’re great with makeup, there’s always something new to get inspired by. You can find hair and makeup tutorials and photos to help you achieve your most flawless looks all from one app. Beautylish for iPhone and iPad teaches you clever tips to update your style or perfect a look that you’ve always wanted to know how to do, such as the smoky eye or Japanese summer nail art.

Scientists help you choose the most eco-friendly products in the GoodGuide app for iPhone and Android so that you can make the best choices for a healthier lifestyle. Products are rated according to their environmental, health, and social impacts. This is a great way to keep only the best and greenest products in your makeup bag. Simply scan product barcodes to get their ratings. If you’re not shopping, browse for the product you’re interested in to get all the info you need.

The next time you need a bit of beauty in your day, whip out your phone and use a fantastic app to get gorgeous at the touch of a button.

Gwen Lewis is a writer and makeup artist based in Southern California. Since online beauty articles helped her immensely as she was getting her start as a makeup artist, she now hopes to return the favor and connect with new and longtime hair and makeup devotees alike. In her free time, she enjoys shopping and pick-up soccer games with her friends.

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