Pro Tip: Heat Up Your Lash Curler

heat it upEyelash curlers can do amazing things for eyes, from instantly making you look more awake to really opening up the eye. For me, they’re a daily necessity because they make lashes look so long, thick, and glamorous.

One way to get more out of your lash curler is to gently heat it up under your hairdryer for a few seconds. Imagine using a cold curling iron on your hair; it wouldn’t do much. This is the same principle. Warming the curling pad and metal helps to give more lift and hold, meaning your curl will be more dramatic and last much longer.

Heat up your curler using your dryer’s low setting, so as not to burn your eye, and test the curler’s temperature on the back of your hand before getting it anywhere near your eyes. You’ve got to go with the Shu Uemura curler. There’s a reason it’s so highly-hyped: it’s the best out there.

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