Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

hourglass ambient lightYou know how your skin looks really great when the right light hits you perfectly? Hourglass has literally taken that effect and placed it in a series of new compacts. Ambient Light Powder ($45) is a powder highlighter that translates how light reflects off of your skin and creates your most flattering light. The small shimmer spheres in the powder capture light and filter it so that it appears less harsh & more luminescent on your skin (each shade has a different effect). It also color-corrects to mask minor imperfections.

Available shades:

  • Ethereal Light (pale champagne pink)
  • Mood Light (pale lilac-pink)
  • Diffused Light (warm pale yellow)
  • Luminous Light (pale champagne pearl)
  • Dim Light (neutral peach beige)
  • Radiant Light (pale bronze)

The powders are available now online and at Sephora and other locations where Hourglass products are sold.

Image via Hourglass

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