House of Lashes Le Petit Collection

houseoflashesIf you’ve been reading my blog for about the past year, you’ve heard me rave about House of Lashes before. They are hands down my favorite false lashes. I wore them on my wedding day (read a full review here), and they lasted for hours through photographs, the ceremony, eating, drinking, dancing (and sweating). They photographed beautifully and were very comfortable. I am so impressed by the quality, given their affordable price point.

House of Lashes recently debuted Le Petit, a new collection of individual lashes. These could be a great way to try them if you think some of HOL’s styles are too dramatic (which I have heard quite a bit). They offer three types of individuals: single, double & triple. Each box contains varying lengths of the lash style. I got the triple lashes (of course), which are the most dramatic of the three, but still not quite as much as the full-band styles HOL has. They’re a really nice way to make eyes pop without it being completely obvious that you’re wearing false lashes; they draw just enough attention to your eyes.

For those who prefer a more natural look, the individuals are a great way to test out the brand. Unfortunately, many of my favorite full-band styles are sold out right now, but they are slated to restock in mid-September. Don’t forget to sign up for their emails to get 10% off your first order!

Image via House of Lashes

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