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hol-bambi copyHave you heard of House of Lashes? If not, brace yourself, because you’re about to be obsessed!

First off, this is not a sponsored post and I have never received anything from House of Lashes for free…I justĀ really love these lashes.

I keep very few beauty secrets, but I was keeping this one under wraps because I didn’t want the masses making a mad dash to scoop up my new favorite falsies before I had a chance to restock my supply! But seriously, these are just too good to keep to myself…you’ve got to give these false lashes a try.

I don’t even know where to begin! I’ll start with the selection of styles that House of Lashes offers. Whether you prefer a small boost to your natural lashes, a full-on fluttery strip, or something in between, HoL has it. But even if a strip lash is in your absolute favorite style, it’s no good if the quality is bad. Not here; these lashes are well-constructed and comfortable to wear.

photo by Love Me Do PhotographyI wore these lashes in the “Siren” style for my wedding. These two photos that show how they photograph up close and from a distance. I wanted a bold look, and I think these translated beautifully.

photo by Love Me Do PhotographyI’d worn HoL lashes before, but this was the longest I’d had to keep them on. My makeup artist applied the lashes around 10am, and I didn’t take them off until 3am. I usually want to rip lashes off after about an hour, and I forgot I was wearing these!

HOL-bambi3Aside from the Siren style, the Bambie is my favorite. They’re a straighter lash, with super long clusters that fan out across the lid. (Can you tell I love wispy lashes?!) I’ve been trying for ages to find a lash style that is wispy, long, and yet still dense at the band. These and the Siren are the only styles I’ve found that are exactly what I want.

khloekI was so into this look that Khloe Kardashian sported back in July, especially the lashes. I ordered the “Bambi” style from HoL and fell in love…I found out after wearing them that these are the lashes Khloe wore in this photo. I’ve also tried the Temptress Wispy, Iconic, and Starlet styles.

bambie-lashesThey have a premium line at a slightly higher price point (most lashes are $12), and I tried the Starlet and Iconic styles from that line. They’re very thick and dark black, and were a little too dramatic for my pale skin and blonde hair, but they look amazing on darker-haired/-complected ladies.

hol-bow-caseI also ordered this adorable pink lash case from their site. I knew I wanted to take a few different lash styles to the hotel where I got ready for the wedding, just in case what I was planning on wearing didn’t work out. This was a nice way to tote a three pairs of lashes (and it was just too darn cute).

The only thing I wasn’t in love with is their lash glue. It’s latex-free and just doesn’t provide as much grip as other latex-based glues, but it’s great for those with a latex allergy.

My wedding photos are by Love Me Do Photography.

Kardashian photo via The Mirror.

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