How High-maintenance Are Lash Extensions?

lash-extensions-101Today’s post comes all the way from Australia. Melissa Bergen was one of the first to bring eyelash extensions to Australia and has since opened The Lash Spa on Australia’s Gold Coast, a salon which aims to provide great lash extensions and brow sculpting along with a relaxing spa-like experience. Thanks to Melissa for writing today’s post!

Getting lash extensions for the first time ever and you are not sure what to expect? That is
pretty common. If you want to know about their maintenance level, as well as the perfect morning and nighttime lash routine, you are at the right place! This article will help you determine whether these are or are not your ideal solution.

The Lash Spa on Australia's Gold Coast

The Lash Spa on Australia’s Gold Coast

Lash Maintenance
Lash extensions are ideal for you, as long as you don’t mind the following six rules:

1. Makeup Removal
Always use an oil-free makeup remover since this is the best kind for your lashes. Also, don’t use any cotton since it can get stuck in your extensions. Use lukewarm water and gentle patting instead of rubbing motions when removing your makeup, and a clean towel.

2. Use a Lash/Brow Spoolie
This is a small comb/brush (usually dual-ended) that you can use to comb through your lashes. This is a good idea for your morning and nighttime routine. It will also help you separate your permanent extensions and will prep them for the next makeup application. If you don’t have a spoolie, you can also use a clean and disinfected mascara or brow wand to comb them through.

3. Be Gentle
Never tug, rub, or pull on your lashes! This rule is crucial if you want to make them last as long as possible. Once you get them done, make sure you are patient and really gentle during the first 48 hours since in this period the glue will need more time to set. Once it is completely dry, you will be able to go back to your everyday routine.lash-spa-1

4. Sleep Differently
Ever tried sleeping on your back? If not, now might be the perfect time for it! Why? Well, it is not only great for your back and your posture, but it is also the best sleeping position for your face and your lash extensions! This way, nothing will come in contact with them, and they will last you a bit more than expected. Another great tip is sleeping on satin sheets since this fabric is very gentle, which is ideal for your lashes, and your skin as well.

5. Avoid Mascara
Ironically enough, lash extensions won’t demand any mascara at all. Luckily, they are voluminous on their own and will look glamorous at any given point of the day! Also, applying constant pressure and layers and layers of your mascara can cause them to fall out or to rip out, which you should avoid. If you really have to, ask your lash esthetician for their top choice and a highly recommended option. In some salons, lash experts have their own mascaras that are built for their lash extensions.

6. No Heat
As little exposure as possible, please! Women should stay away from the sun, long hours at the beach, saunas, pools, or any humidity. These conditions might cause your lashes’ glue to fall out sooner than expected. If you have to come in contact with any of these, try to keep exposure to a minimum.

Have you ever had lash extensions? Feel free to share any additional maintenance tips in the comments! Thanks to Melissa for today’s post.

Images via The Lash Spa

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