How to Look Like a J.Crew Model

looklikeajcrewmodelI’m so excited about today’s post because it combines my two obsessions: J.Crew and beauty! J.Crew models have a signature look that includes luminous skin, a bright lip, brushed-up brows, and slightly mussed hair. Here’s a quick primer on how to copy their classic look.

tarte-bb1. Flawless skin is the foundation of J.Crew looks. A tinted moisturizer with a hint of illumination is your best route to scoring this. Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Illuminating Moisturizer in Champagne ($32) is a great pick. (If you need more coverage, apply a foundation as your base, then lightly stipple this on top with a Beautyblender sponge to get the same dewy effect.)

rms-living-luminizer2. What would J.Crew look be without a luminous glow? Highlight cheekbones, browbones, and your Cupid’s bow by dabbing on RMS Living Luminizer ($38), which is what stylists use on the J.Crew models on set. Use your fingertips to pat it onto skin.

blinc-liner3. JC models usually wear the smallest amount of eyeliner, just to define the eyes (it’s never noticeable). Blinc Ultrathin Liquid Eye Liner Pen ($26) is great for this because the super thin tip allows you to get right up to the root of lashes. Just line the top lid with this for definition; it will help keep your eyes from blending in too much.

4. Curl lashes and apply a light coat of lengthening mascara. Almay One Coat Nourishing Lengthening Mascara ($7) is a wallet-friendly pick.

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5. Using a spoolie brush or clean disposable mascara wand, brush brows up. Fill in any sparse spots or obvious gaps with a taupe brow pencil, but resist overfilling; you want brows to look undone.

rms-demure6. A coral lip is a warm weather J.Crew staple. Finish off the look with a coral lipcolor, like RMS Lip2Cheek in Demure ($36), another product frequently used on JC models. You can also dab this cream blush/lipcolor hybrid onto your cheeks for a healthy flush.

jmo-seasaltspray7. Finish the look by getting bedhead. A sea salt spray will give you tousled waves that are beachy, relaxed, and effortlessly chic. I like John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray ($16.50) because it’s organic, smells amazing, and makes hair look completely sexy in about 4 seconds. J.Crew also sells Lavett&Chin Original Sea/Salt Texturizing Mist ($30) in their stores. jcrewmodelprep

Want to score the actual products that J.Crew staffers use behind-the-scenes of their photoshoots? They now have mini Beauty Bars in retail stores, where you can pick up the Lip2Cheek and other on-set essentials that give the models their signature J.Crew look.

Model images via J.Crew

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4 Responses to How to Look Like a J.Crew Model

  1. Josie says:

    I love the JCrew model look! I have often tried to copy it and failed miserably (I’m awful at makeup though!). I will have to look into that Tarte Cream, it sounds pretty awesome:)

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hey Josie! I hope this helps you out in getting this beautiful look. The Tarte cream is awesome, give it a shot! Thanks for reading!

  2. Lauren says:

    Hi Kristen!!! Loving your blog! 🙂 Also, love love this post! Can I pin it? It’s so useful!

    xo, Lauren

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