Illuminate Your Winter

illuminate your life!Winter is a very dark season, and sometimes, it can feel cold and empty. Candles help to warm up your home during these dark months, and bring a little light into your life. It’s a bonus if they smell great!

I was in Anthropologie this weekend, and the minute I walked through the entry, a warm, soothing smell hit my nostrils. It was the Illume Pumpkin Pie candle pictured above ($18). The scent wasn’t overly pumpkiny, just warm, inviting, and autumnal. I can see this burning in the living room as my family and I enjoy cocktails and appetizers before our Thanksgiving feast.

Here are more delicious-smelling and visually captivating candles that were scattered throughout the shop:

cable-knit candlessweater sleeve candle ($24) and ski cap candle ($26)

Royal Apothic - fireplaceRoyal Apothic candle in Edwardian Fireplace ($32)

white choco mousseIllume White Chocolate Mousse candle ($18)

Tatine Garden & Forest Infusion candleTatine Garden & Forest Infusion candle ($30)

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5 Responses to Illuminate Your Winter

  1. Paige says:

    I saw the pumpkin pie candle in Anthropologie this weekend, too! I couldn’t resist…I bought it AND the roasting chestnuts one. And I’m going back for ski cap candle!

  2. Siobhan says:

    I want to get this…but I’m torn between this and the cedar/spruce version.

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