It Cosmetics ByeBye Undereye Concealer and Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush

byebyeundereyeWinter is killing my skin lately. It looks sallow, dry, and dark, puffy undereyes make me look tired all the time. Despite the skincare products I use to revive my complexion, I still have these horrible bags under my eyes. It Cosmetics recently sent me a package of their products to try, and in it was Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer ($24) and their Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush ($24). Guess what? I don’t have tired eyes anymore!

They sent me the Neutral Medium shade, which I thought might be a little too dark for me. Then I did some digging around and found an old tube of this in my makeup kit in the Light shade, and remembered why I hadn’t used it in awhile; it was too light. This shade actually works well with my fair, cool skin tone.

This concealer is really thick; you only need the tiniest amount to cover the skin beneath your eyes. When you first put it on, you’ll probably use too much (I did). As I dabbed it on under my eyes, it did look really intense and a bit heavy…and then I blended it and I instantly looked wide awake and refreshed. No dark circles! Not only that, but it camouflaged my puffiness on mornings when I was extra tired. It makes such a difference, and it so easy to apply; before, I was using three products and still not getting as much coverage as I do with this concealer. And once it’s blended in, it feels really light on the skin; the feeling is no different than a lightweight liquid concealer.

More thoughts after the jump.byebyeundereye-swatchI had a horrible cystic zit a few weeks ago, and I’m currently left with a lovely remnant of that on my face. Nothing worked to cover this, and then I dabbed this concealer on, blended it out with the brush, and the blemish virtually disappeared from my face. I’ve been using it on other spots that need concealing, too; it’s great for all over the face, not just under the eyes!

byebyeundereye2While the concealer is great, it’s made even better by the brush. The flat end lays down the product beautifully and evenly, and the fluffier end buffs it into the skin flawlessly. This brush really does work magic with the concealer. Plus, it’s got caps to cover the heads, so it’s ideal for travel. A sheath slides out of the body of the tube to cover the fluffy bristles to keep them intact, so you don’t crush the brush head every time you put the cap on. The bristles are synthetic, so they’re super easy to clean, even with such a thick product.

Use this product very, very sparingly; a little goes a long way, and you do not want to waste a drop of this! I’m in love, and I bet you will be, too.

The products in this post were provided by the brand for consideration. Gifted products in no way guarantee a positive review or coverage on this blog.

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