Josie Maran Brow Marker & Powder

jose-maran-brow-marker-powderJosie Maran’s Brow Marker & Powder ($24) took the concept of defining brows and turned it on its head. First, if you’re still hesitant about brow markers, try one! One of the biggest issues women face is sparse spots in the brows. To cover these and fake the appearance of a full, shapely brow, you need to apply color to the skin itself. Traditional powders hard a hard time adhering to skin, so they’re better for those who are only looking to beef up brows where there is actual hair. Markers are amazing for filling in bare spots because the color adheres to skin, is long-lasting, and doesn’t fade or smudge during wear. And Josie Maran’s marker is awesome. Because you don’t want a harsh, drawn-on look, apply the marker only to sparse spots. You’ll then blend everything in and create a uniform look with the powder on the opposite end of the marker. Maran took brow powder (traditionally found in pressed form), whipped up a loose formula, added it to a vial in a cap, and created a sponge tip that dips into the powder when the cap is removed.

The only thing I don’t totally love about this product is it comes in one universal shade, which is pretty good for a wide range of hair colors and skin tones, but if you have really light brows or porcelain skin, this probably won’t work.

Image via Josie Maran

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