Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flash Luminizers


A shade from the Blush/Rose stick

I’m making an effort to whittle down my makeup to organic products. Juice Beauty offered to let me try their Phyto-Pigments Flash Luminzer line, and since they pride themselves on organic ingredients, I was happy to give these highlighter/cheek color combo sticks a whirl.


The Golden side of the Golden/Bronze stick

There are two highlighter/cheek color combinations (Blush & Rose and Cream & Marigold), and one bronzer/contouring stick (Golden & Bronze). The stick is a hollow tube with two cream sticks housed inside. Push on one, and the opposite end of the stick pops out, and vice versa.


The Marigold shade in the Cream/Marigold stick

These are so simple to use. You just swipe the darker color onto the apples of your cheeks directly from the stick for a light flush, and do the same with the highlighter on your cheekbones. Then gently tap your skin with your fingertips to blend. The end result is subtle color and highlight (or contouring and highlight, if you’re using the bronzer option).IMG_8467Out of the three available shades, my least favorite was the Golden/Bronze (bronze pictured above). Because the products are so subtle, I didn’t feel like the shades made enough of an impact to use for contouring and highlighting.IMG_8473These are really subtle and soft on the skin, as you can see above. The effect is a subdued glow that looks natural, whether you’re going for a gentle flush on the cheeks or a cheekbone highlight. The sticks are available on Juice Beauty’s website and at Bloomingdales, and retail for $32 each.

The products in this post were provided for consideration by Juice Beauty.






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