Kari Gran Skincare System Starter Kit

karigranskincaresystemA few weeks ago, I learned about (and blogged about) Kari Gran, the eco-friendly beauty line handcrafted in batches in Seattle. After I reviewed their Lip Whip and experienced how fantastic it was, I was excited to try the Skincare Starter Kit ($35) that they also sent me.

karigranskin1This little trio is great for traveling, or if you want to give the system a trial run before committing to the full-size products (which are priced at $140 for the three-piece set). The Starter Kit will last approximately two weeks, and will give you a good idea of how it will perform on your skin.

Read more about the three-step skincare system after the jump.

The first step in the system is the Cleansing Oil. The instructions for use reads like a mini at-home spa treatment. Follow them, especially if you’re not used to cleansing with oil. If you’ve ever used a face oil, the feel of oil on your skin won’t freak you out. But if you haven’t, this may feel strange at first. Just go with it (you’ll get used to it in time, and it only feels slick for the first few seconds). The application is also different from standard cleansers. You pat the oil onto your skin and then massage it in gently in soft circular motions to allow the oil to sink into your pores. Then drape a damp warm washcloth over your face. As the washcloth steams, the oil is removed from your pores, taking dirt and toxins with it.

karigranskin3The first few times I used this, I was left with a bit of an oily residue on my skin. It took a few washings to learn how long to leave the washcloth on my skin in order to fully remove all of the oil. It’s best to let it all steam off, but if there is any leftover oil on your skin after cleansing, you can always gently wipe it off with the washcloth.

Next up: Hydrating Tonic, available in lavender or rose fragrance. Spritz this mist on your face any time you need a dose of hydration. It contains no alcohol, so it doesn’t dry out or strip skin like most toners. This was my favorite product in the set. I used it on one of the first hot days of the season, and it was so refreshing. I tucked it into my bag before leaving the house on Memorial Day, and as I spent the day in the sunshine, I spritzed this on whenever I started to feel hot. It was lovely. I also use it at night before the Essential Serum.

The final step in this regimen is the Essential Serum. It’s a blend of 15 botanical essential oils. You can use it as a moisturizer both morning at night. For nighttime use, double the amount of product you apply to your face. It sinks in quickly and dries to a hydrating finish. It felt great on my skin. An added bonus: all of these products smell fresh and lovely.

karigranskin4Overall, I really like this lineup (and Kari’s products in general). There are no preservatives in these formulas, and they’re made of organic ingredients, so each bottle is hand-labeled with an expiration date so you know the shelf life. Love that!

I also appreciate the transparency in the company. There is a list of ingredients for every product in the line right on their website. If you’re looking for a paraben-free approach to skincare, I definitely recommend these products.

The products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. Gifted products in no way guarantee coverage or a positive review.

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4 Responses to Kari Gran Skincare System Starter Kit

  1. Courtney says:

    This is well timed because I am currently looking for a new skincare product line. I just looked on their site and it doesn’t mention any skin types…which makes me assume that it’s good for all. But I have really sensitive skin, any idea on how it would work for women like me? How long did you try it? Did you notice any changes in appearance? I’ve just recently noticed how much my skin is changing with my age (35). And close-up, I am not impressed. So I’m ready to do something about it! (So if you have any suggestions, I’ll gladly take them.)

    (p.s. I love your blog!)

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hi Courtney,
      Thanks so much for your compliment and believe me, I feel your pain. My skin changed rapidly a few years after I turned 30, and from what I hear, that’s not uncommon. To answer your questions about the products in this post, I used them for just under 2 weeks before reviewing them. I did notice a difference in my skin; it was much softer and much, much more hydrated. Since these products are all-natural, they are safe for all skin types and shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin (but not overly sensitive and no major issues/medical conditions), and my skin tolerated this just fine.

      As far as general skincare recommendations go, I think it’s important to develop a regimen and stick to it. After age 30, I think your primary focus should be on hydration, protection, and prevention. A good moisturizer will make a world of difference. SPF is a must. And an anti-aging cream for the eye area will really help. Also try to stay away from parabens, based on the data that shows they can adversely affect your health.

      • Courtney says:

        Thanks for your quick reply! What moisturizer do you use? I just ran out of the one I was using by Origins. I do generally try to stay away from parabens. I liked the line I was using from Origins, but I have to admit, I didn’t see much of a difference (which was surprising to me). I also have sensitive skin, but no major issues or medical conditions.

  2. Courtney says:

    That’s not true…my major issues are unevenness and redness. So there’s that.

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