Kate Logan Beauty Brazilian Leg Gloss

We aren’t all born with supermodel legs like Gisele or Kate Upton. Good thing we don’t need them naturally! Kate Logan Beauty Brazilian Leg Gloss ($44) is for those of us who won’t be insuring our legs anytime soon, but still want sexy, supermodel-esque stems. This oil soaks deep into your skin to really hydrate and make your skin supersoft, while adding a sexy sheen to your legs. Brazil Nut Oil, known to quench parched skin, is the main ingredient. Added bonus: it helps lengthen the life of all types of faux tans (airbrush, spray, or self-tanner) so you can squeeze a few extra days out of that spray tan while looking extra sexy. It’s no substitute for the gym, but it can temporarily fake toned, defined legs — essential for baring them in short skirts and hot dresses this summer.

It gives you what your genes didn’t.

Image via Kate Logan Beauty

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3 Responses to Kate Logan Beauty Brazilian Leg Gloss

  1. Jo-Ann Kremer says:

    Can you give me a link so that I can purchase Brazilian leg gloss. THanks

  2. Jo-Ann Kremer says:

    I am trying to buy Brazilian Leg Gloss. Do any stores sell it or can I buy it on line.

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