Kristin Ess The One Signature Conditioner

KristinEssConditionerSometimes great things come in unexpected packages. Case in point: Kristin Ess The One Signature Conditioner ($10), part of her line of haircare products available at Target. I tried out products from Ess’s line because I love her work as a celebrity hairstylist (I first saw her styles on Lauren Conrad’s mane years ago). She’s got great ideas and creates doable styles on all types of hair. I love following her tutorials and photos on social media, so I figured I’d bring some of her latest creations into my shower.

This conditioner is a total knockout. I am the last person to rave about conditioner; to me, it’s a product that’s necessary but not really worth of praise. It’s utilitarian. I’ve gotten pretty comparable results from drugstore and luxury versions, and haven’t ever found one that’s remarkable. But this conditioner made my hair SO soft without weighing it down (just make sure you rinse really well to get it all out of your hair) and healthy-looking. I have naturally medium-blonde hair with a very light blonde balayage, and my hair has sustained years of foil highlights, so my hair doesn’t necessarily look shampoo commercial-worthy. But this makes it shiny and soft while still being lightweight and not at all greasy or heavy. It’s really everything I could want in a conditioner. When my first bottle ran out and I didn’t have time to pick up a second one, I used a certain upscale brand conditioner from Sephora, and I had to go to Target immediately after showering because this one was so much better. It’s suitable for all hair types and is sulfate-free.

And speaking of packaging, that pretty pale peachy-pink bottle it comes in is pretty cute, too.

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