Lash Out: Sonia Kashuk Lashify Mascara

2005 was a great year. When I look back at photos from that year, I was sporting some seriously long, thick lashes. So, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the mascara I wore that entire year: Sonia Kashuk’s Lashify Waterproof Mascara ($7).

Doing so made me wonder why I ever stopped using this Target staple in the first place.

It doesn’t look like much, but this little powerhouse packs a seriously lash-loving punch. The formula is genius: inky-black and mousse-like, with a perfectly-thick consistency that coats each and every one of my lashes. My lashes are lengthened, thickened, and magnified; this mascara really gives me a wide-awake look. I only have to swipe on 2 coats for a false-lash effect. It’s truly effortless, and the payoff is huge. I adore this mascara a million times more than its designer rivals.

The handle of the wand features a built-in lash comb under a screw-off clear plastic cap. When I first saw this, I was indifferent, as I already have a full-size Sonia Kashuk brow brush/lash comb with metal teeth that I swear by. However, on those mornings when I’m racing to catch the train and don’t have time to put my makeup on before I leave the house, it really saves a lot of space not having to toss the full-size brush into my makeup bag. And that little comb in the cap is genius! It too has metal teeth, and is so effective for de-clumping lashes on the go. I thought it was pointless at first, but I use it much more often than I thought I would.

It doesn’t look like much,

On top of that, it’s $7. Just $7! Only a few bucks more than the lowest-priced drugstore mascaras, and infintely better.

My only complaint is the design. The square shape has hard, precise edges and is difficult to get a good grip on; it feels clumsy in my hands. The comb is covered with a plastic caps that screws off, and often when I’m applying the mascara, it starts to wiggle and get loose, giving me a shaky grip. It’s not hugely inconvenient, but it’s enough to make me wish the tube was round and the cap was more properly secured.

My advice: Head to your local Target ASAP and pick up one of these little tubes. You won’t be sorry you did.

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4 Responses to Lash Out: Sonia Kashuk Lashify Mascara

  1. Samantha says:

    I love this mascara, too! All my friends hate it, but I have been buying it for years. It makes my lashes thick, full, and really black. Glad to see you like it too!

  2. Tara says:

    Looks awesome!

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