Luscious Body from Living Proof’s Full

It’s no secret that I am head over heels for Living Proof’s No Frizz. It changed my life (which sounds really vain, but once you try it, you get it). So imagine my utter delight when I won a full-size bottle of their newest product, Full, in the brand’s Twitter giveaway!

Full is a thickening cream that injects body into lifeless hair without weighing it down. I have naturally wavy hair that’s actually got a lot of natural volume, but I hate it, so I straighten it every day (hence, No Frizz changing my life). When I straighten, my hair loses all of that natural volume. Repeatedly pulling hair taut while drying does get it straight, but it also leaves it flat as a pancake.

I know Living Proof doesn’t mess around when it comes to hair (a team of MIT scientists developed No Frizz). Their scientists also created Full, which contains Poly Beta Amino Ester-1, an element that creates a pattern of thickening points on each strand of hair. It literally adds volume to the hair shaft.

So…did it give me luscious, sexy, Bridget Bardot-esque hair? Keep reading to find out.

There was definitely a difference in my hair. I was expecting the end result to be a little more pronounced, but I did have noticeable fullness all over. What I really liked was the movement Full gave my hair; it had all this body and sexy bendability that it doesn’t normally have. While it wasn’t puffed-up and sky-high, it was more voluminous than usual, with the slightest amount of lift at the roots. It was not fluffy, which was good; Full didn’t make my hair fuzzy, wispy or unmanageable. As promised, the volume lasted all day, without the use of hairspray. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Full can be used with No Frizz, and I should note that I did apply Full after No Frizz, which would give me more frizz control, less volume (switch the order if volume is your primary concern). Living Proof recommends using the No Frizz spray with Full; I use the treatment (I highlight my hair, and that formula is extra-hydrating), and it worked fine for me. I applied the treatment first, with slightly less product than normal, combed through, then topped with a squirt of Full worked through my damp hair.

If you have questions about how to use Full, Living Proof has placed instructional videos on their website (I know I keep talking about their site, but it’s seriously so cool!).

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  1. Kaylie says:

    I’m dying to try this! I’m so glad to know it works. Thanks for the review!

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