Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer

After I dry my hair, it tends to look a tad dull and slightly puffy. And forget the summer; it’s a fried mess when it heats up. I was on the hunt for a styling/finishing cream that would whip my hair into place and make it sleek and shiny without weighing it down. I had to be able to use it on dry hair. When a salesgirl recommended Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer ($18.95), it was kind of the answer to all my hair problems.

I’ll admit, the reason I bought this was because the (sort of aggressive) salesgirl at Lush rubbed some of this cream into my freshly-washed hair. We had an awkward moment: she came at me, palms outstretched, and I quietly protested, but she didn’t listen. She rubbed it through the right side of my hair, leaving the left side untouched. I freaked out at first (I mean, I just spent all that time washing and drying it, I didn’t want it to look terrible), but when I looked in the mirror, the right side of my hair looked awesome. It was healthy-looking, sleek, somehow a bit fuller, and a little shinier.

This little pot is a bit intimidating at first; tucked inside is a thick, rich cream that looks more like body butter than anything you’d want on your hair. But R&B (which stands for “revive and balance”) is formulated with tropical butters and candelilla wax to moisturize without weighing hair down. It’s a cure-all for frizzy hair, puffiness, flyaways, and dry, parched strands. Oh, and it smells like orange blossom, a wonderfully light scent that’ll linger on your locks all day.

So, is it a keeper? For me, absolutely.

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2 Responses to Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer

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  2. Brie says:

    I have this stuff & I can never go a day without it! My hair just looks so good with it! It’s a miracle in a little black pot.

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