MAC Fabulous Felines Collection for Fall 2010

MAC‘s getting catty this fall with a massive 3-part collection, Fabulous Felines (love the cat reference!). Each collection has its own theme and color palette. Here’s a sneak peek at all 3 groups. Expect a lot of steely greys, navy, greyish-plums, and rich coppers. Unleash your catty side!

Part 1: Palace Pedigreed

I have but one thing to say:


Part 2: Leopard Luxe

Part 3: Burmese Beauty

The collection arrives at counters on August 26 in the U.S., and September 4 internationally.

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3 Responses to MAC Fabulous Felines Collection for Fall 2010

  1. glitterkitty says:

    love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bette says:

    That liquid liner looks incredible!!!

  3. Marcie says:

    Fine, fresh, fierce, feline!

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