MAC Opulash: Big, Bold Lashes

MAC’s newest mascara, Opulash ($14), promises “big, bouffant lashes with volumization never before seen.” Does it make good on its promises?

Although not said outright, Opulash is a clone of cult classic Diorshow mascara, at a much more economical price. Diorshow, a designer mascara, retails for $25; knocking $11 off the price with Opulash is a smart move by MAC.  The quality is far superior to any drugstore mascara, and at just $14, its pricepoint isn’t much higher than some offerings from Neutrogena, Almay, etc. In reviewing this mascara, I’m considering quality in relation to price.

To start, the wand is a carbon copy of Diorshow. Elongated with densely-packed bristles and tapered toward the tip, the design is optimal for maximum lash-grabbing. The tapered tip easily glided into the inner & outer corners of my eyes and grabbed the short, fine hairs there. The brush evenly coated, and fanned my lashes out into a full, lush fringe. Although it’s primarily marketed as a volumizing mascara, this also provided considerable length. As for the formula, I had no issues with clumping.

As for the formula, I liked it better than Diorshow (which never really did anything for my lashes). The consistency was nearly perfect; thick, but not clumpy or stiff. It held a curl all day, even through a sweaty elliptical session and light strength training. Even through the sweat, it didn’t smudge, run, or flake. It stayed in place like a champ.

The tube is made of sleek, glossy plastic, and seems more substantial than other MAC mascara packaging.

Bottom line: This performs like a high-end mascara at a very wallet-friendly price. When I wore this, I had long, thick, lush lashes that looked like they came from a much richer, more expensive mascara.

Opulash is available now at Nordstrom and online. A full release in other department stores is slated for late May. For now, it’s available in 1 shade only: Bad, Bad Black.

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4 Responses to MAC Opulash: Big, Bold Lashes

  1. Missy says:

    I’m definitely picking this up at Nordstrom! Great review.

  2. YJ says:

    I needneedneed this.

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