Makeup Forever’s Lash Bar

lash barMakeUp Forever has a serious selection of false eyelashes. At their lash bar (found in most Sephora stores, online, and at select department stores), you’ll find fancy fringe to create any look you desire: bold, dramatic, demure, natural, flirty, festive, or downright outrageous.

Read on to find my top picks from the extensive collection.

Fashion Lashes are the more practical option stocked in Makeup Forever’s lash bar. These are the “standard” (although far from ordinary) false lashes you’d use to amplify your natural lashes. They’re perfect for special occasions, everyday use, or just experimenting with different looks.

031I am crazy about #031 for ladies with naturally thick lashes; these are impossibly long and make your eyes look unbelievably huge. They don’t pack a lot of volume, so they don’t look fake; they just give your lashes a healthy boost that is totally noticeable, flirty, and sexy.

109For ladies looking for length and volume, #109 is a great option. They’re ridiculously voluminous and long, and make eyes pop like nothing else you’ve tried. They’re fantastic, dramatic, and addictive.

Artistic Lashes are about as daring as you can get when it comes to your eyes. There are a few more natural-looking selections in this category (like #026, long and wispy strands, and #110, a thick fringe), but most of the lashes here are colored, feathered, and bedecked in full fanciness. I love #116, adorned in black feathers that will certainly draw attention to you, and #125, which flares toward the outer edge, giving you a dramatic come-hither stare.

125It just all depends on the look you’re going for. Whether you want something fun and crazy or a pair to amp up your eyes in a sexy way, Makeup Forever’s lash bar has everything you need.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Their lashes are durable and last a really long time — you can wear them over and over, as long as you are careful with them. These are really great for Halloween, too.

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