Mark Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics

mark-exotic-beauty-face-mosaicI saw this new Exotic Beauty Face Mosaic ($16) from Mark, and I wanted to share it with you. This bronzing powder is part of Mark’s new Marrakesh collection, and is embossed with an exotic design to complement the collection.

Ladies with to medium-to-deep skin tones will look amazing in this shimmer-dusted bronzing powder. The combination of copper, gold, and bronze shades are perfect for swirling together to create a sexy, customized bronzed glow.

This multitasking pressed powder serves as more than just a bronzer. Because it’s shimmery, you can also use it on the high planes of your face as a highlighter, or dusted over arms and legs to create a look ready for a summer’s night. Use each shade individually as an eyeshadow, and use the gold to highlight brow bones and the inner corners of the eyes.

Image via Mark.

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