Mascara Tip: Double Down

Want superhuge lashes that look fake, but are really your own? The secret isn’t discovering the holy grail of mascara; it’s using two mascaras. Pick any two mascaras you like. Curl your lashes (a must for doe eyes), and swipe on a coat or two, depending on the amount of boldness and volume you want, of your first mascara. Wait about 10-20 seconds, and, while the first formula is still slightly tacky, swipe on your other mascara. If you’re using a waterproof or long-wearing mascara, use it now, so it will seal in the non-waterproof coat you applied before. (If you use it as your base layer, it can make your lashes brittle, and your makeup will be really hard to remove at night). Once your mascara sets, you’re good to go. I don’t know why or how this works, but it always does, without fail. Something about combining two different formulas when they’re still slightly wet gives you ultra-large, look-at-me lashes.

And that’s the secret to huge, false-looking lashes that are all natural.

Image via Corbis

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  1. glitterkitty says:

    Totally agree with this tip!!! Thanks for the reminder!

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